Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Munch! Munch!

I'm in a munching mode right now.  Munching books as you can guess from the tittle.

I have been busy preparing for my exams, but now that exam period is over, I can at least loosen up a bit.

What I meant by a bit is that majority of my time now is occupied by my work, leaving me with a small amount of time to relax and enjoy.

Sooo Yes...

Being the typical kiasu and kiasi Singaporean, I have successfully landed myself a job way before the commencement of the exam (actually the HR from my previous job called me up), just before the job rush whereby the 'A', 'O' Levels plus the polytechnics and Uni undergrads will all compete with each other in a heated fight for job.


Not really. Even if I did not received the call, there are plenty of vacancies out there, especially since now is the Christmas festive period. Besides, they are still plenty of jobs available for grab even though it's been a week after the exam period across the levels.  As long as you don't be overly picky, I'm certain that there will be opportunity knocking at your door

To be honest, I kind of regret my decision of accepting the job because now and then, I see better job offers posting everywhere else. As the saying goes "Good things come to those who waits". Me, who rushed into things, missed out on the better opportunities. Therefore, making me wanna kick my self at the back for being overly Kiasu.

So back to the munching part. After being parted with my beloved hobby for so long, I decided it's time I pick up the reading habit back. Especially,  since my concentration level is gradually increasing and I get restless easily over things, like reading my textbook which I used to find it quite alright. Hopefully, reading will increase my focus ability.

During the last two papers, Dad flew to China for a short business trip so I had him bought Chinese books while he was there. My friend told me that books there were tremendously cheap! What we got here is a three quarter less there. So I thought, why not make use of this golden opportunity!

When I first knew that he was flying over, I didn't really have any books that I wanted to buy. But the cheap  pricing makes it irresistible for me, that if I don't pounce on this chance, I would probably regret. Hence, I frantically rummaged through my brain, to squeeze out whatever author or recommendation that I have come across which I may fancy. Eventually, I managed to squeeze out 7 book tittles.

I wrote him a list and there he went, poof ! And back home with 5 of the books I wanted. It is really touching to know that he specially went out of his way to go book shopping for me, even though he was there for a short and rushed 3 days trip. I didn't hold much hope at first for he had forewarned me that he might not have the time. Still... here they are, all wrapped and yummy looking.

I am sure they look pretty familiar with some of you guys.

The thicker ones contains 2 books each. I had gobbled up the one in the center and now, I can't wait to finish the others.

I would have to thank my auntie-ness character ( being price conscious and jumping at any chance of a cost saving), if not I would have missed out such good books!

It's been sooo long since I have last sit myself down and enjoy a good read. For the past 3 years, the books that I read were textbooks or lecture notes. 

And then, the shopping bug got me. I became a little addicted to buying of books. I wanted more! I wanted to see more Chinese books on my bookshelves, sitting there waiting eagerly for me to devour them.


 I went on to buy 2 more Chinese books at the popular book fair. Heheh

But you know, shopping is a girl's worst nemesis.

It's like a drug. The more you consume, the more hooked you are. So the more I read, the more un-contented I am. Because, the books that I'm left to read decrease.


This time thicker!

See that? Been meaning to read the classics as I have always been reading the children's version. I wanted to to read more in depth and pick up what has been left out from the children's version. PLUS IT'S ONLY $12++ FOR THAT HUGE BOOK!!! AND AND AND I DON'T NEED TO PAY A CENT! ( Dad paid for it.. hahahaaha)


 (ya I know, sound so auntie)

There are still books that I wanted to buy, but earn money first heehe..

*stomach growls*
Okay back to munching~

Saturday, September 1, 2012


It's coming! It's coming ! It's coming!

What's coming?


 It's pronounced as Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki. It's was rumored to be on screen during the month of July back in Japan and even though , it may not be in Singapore any time soon it's great that it will be on screen. Because that means, I can watch it on any Internet sources soon! 

It begins with the encounter of Yuki's parents. Yuki's father is a wolf while her mother is an ordinary human. Both met through college. Life was difficult but all start to fall when Yuki's father died in a car accident. 

This is where Yuki's life truly begins, where she live her life as a wolf and human until the time to choose comes.

Honestly, I have not watched movie, just 3 chapters of its incomplete manga , and it is FANTASTIC! Just three chapters and I'm hooked! I kept re-reading and re-reading!

From the trailer, it was done by the same producer of 'Summer Wars' and 'The girl that leapt through tim'. For those of you who don't know what are they, they are both very popular movies back in Japan. You can google for more information. 

Here's the trailer! Enjoy!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Singaporean Stars Debut Overseas

I wonder if you guys know this but I'm pretty sure those younger would know.

 And that is the 2 Singaporeans who participated in the Korean audition has finally made their debut! Initially there were 3 but one dropped out half-way.

So here they are :


I guess it must have been some years since their training. Honestly, I don't really like the song as it is really repetitive and I favour catchy and fast music more.

But I would just like to help them publicise a little , not that by me mentioning they will gain more awareness but just give a brief mention.

Initially, I'm quite skeptic whether if Singaporeans would actually made pass the audition and to my surprise some did. Then my next question would be "will they be good enough to debut" ?  I mean lots of young Singaporeans whine once they run into difficulties and complain when it gets tough but I'm just glad they made past all that.

It kinda shows that we youngsters wouldn't as weak as the elders thought we are.

I got more touched when I saw them on the music bank and I was like WOAH!

I mean you usually sees Super Junior , GG and some big stars performing on stage and there they are! Right there! On that stage!

So it's not the Singaporeans have absolutely no talent, it's more of we shine more when we are overseas. Or maybe that the opportunities offered here isn't really that great.

Look at some of our International Stars:

Stephanie Sun
JJ Lin
Fann Wong
 (I know what your thinking.. Fann Wong? Hey , she made it into Hollywood and has found all around the globe so don't underestimate her)

I know I'm missing out others such as Kelly Poon or Chai Cun Jia and etc But I'll just put those more popular ones. 

And we have Singaporeans debuting in Japan. Though, they are not that well known due to the Kwave.


 I like their songs as compared to Skarf as their songs are much livelier. But I guess that's just Japanese style. And it's thrilling to know that their song was used as an ending theme in a Popular Anime "Card Fight!! Vanguard"

It must been hard to leave the comforts of home and to train overseas. And it gets harder when you are feeling low and there's no one to cry to.

Even though I still have some reservation on how popular they will get but I really hope they would prove me and the other Singaporeans wrong. (Don't act blur, you guys also have the same thoughts as me hor! ) Go out and SWORN the world! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tiny Spot

Whenever people think of the place they would go for a cycle or a small gathering, Pasir Ris or East Coast Park would come straight into their minds. Perhaps Silso and Palawan beach for the more wealthier ones. I guess the reason for their popularity is due to their close proximity to touristy attractions and chalets. People love to go to exciting and happening places and therefore these places were all now crowded. It's difficult to cycle constantly without braking for somebody to cross or prevent yourself from knocking into them.

But if you are still keen in finding a spot for a cycle with nice beach and just a little crowd, then Punggol Promenade would be the perfect choice for you!

I firstly laid my eyes on this tiny spot when I happened to see this place in a show. It was just a fifteen minutes scene where the MCs wee  trying to guess where they were and then proceed on their scavenger hunt. I find the place quite beautiful and thus took some time off to check it out.

Boy, I was not disappointed!. I cycled to my heart's content and explored its tiny beach. There were people there but it was so much less crowded then Pasir Ris. It was already dusk and the sun was going to set. The sky was a bluish pink and the scene was just awesome. Quickly, I fished out my camera phone to take down the beautiful sight.
This is a nice photo as there were no people there to block out the view. The were all in fact, behind me. Heehe.

As Malaysia is just opposite, there were frequent patrols in the sea and you can see little speedboats circling around. As the sun set, the lights lit up. The industry next shore transformed into a flight of fireflies, just that they were rainbows instead of yellow. Too bad my phone doesn't have the strength to capture the view .
Overall , its a nice getaways and I heard they were planning to open up chalets there. In fact, they already had some of the houses built. There were not too many of them, so when it opens, the place may be more livelier.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Garden By The Bay (Bay South)

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed.

It didn't seem soo interesting at all. Maybe because I have high expectations. I mean just look at the artist impression of Garden by the Bay released by the press. They were like a heaven and earth apart.

Source: Channel News Asia

The artist impression photo seems to give out a more jungle-like and futuristic feeling but in the actual place, it doesn't feel like it. More like another Botanic Garden. I know I shouldn't take the artist impression photo for real, it's just an impression. Well, it just ...unconsciously raised my expectations.

I admit the trees do seem amazing and the Garden is just half completed, plus I didn't include the two conservatoires into my examining criteria. So maybe the awesomeness of those two ( I'm assuming it is since I didn't go in), would make it up.

I hope the other part of the Garden would be more awesome. My suggestion is to build some hand on areas where visitors can participate. Don't need it to be something exquisite , but something we all enjoy. Can be really simple.

If you are interested you can access this place by MRT or walk from some near by place.

By MRT :
Take to Bayfront Station.
First you take to Marina Bay station then you switch to the circle line. (Just one station)

By Foot:
If you are living in the Integrated Resorts Hotel, just make your way up to the highest level, there's a link way for you to walk to.
Otherwise , if you are coming from the like say Marina Square, walk through the Helix Bridge. Go into the IR , locate where the convention rooms were, then look for escalators that lead to the highest level. You can walk all the way to the Garden by the Bay.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Getting a NDP ticket to any of the previews or the actual show is as difficult as striking a lottery, especially ever since they shifted to the floating platform.


Because they number of seats available has decreased and therefore the probability of getting the tickets decrease as well. 

After denied of the opportunity to celebrate National Day, I 've finally gotten a chance to go watch NDP preview!! My cousin gotten free tickets and was willingly to share with me, so of course I'm really elated!

It was my first time sitting at the floating platform.

The backdrop view of Integrated Resorts and Singapore River was spectacular. But unfortunately, it started pouring and we have to miss out some parts of the show like the parachuting event.

It was more frustrating when people sitting in front of you took out umbrellas when they were wearing raincoats blocking 70% of your view. Too bad for my friend, her view was blocked 90%

The show was awesome, not because the performance was superb , I mean it was good but the awesome factor was that, they were able to make you feel all-the-sudden patriotic and emotional.

You suddenly feel teary and proud of being part of this tiny nation who has struggled through thick and thin and has now managed to become an internationally worthy metropolis.

When the national anthem was played, everybody rose and sang the national anthem though mostly the loudest singers were the children. It was such a emotional scene because usually some people don't even bother to rise. 

I admit that I wasn't really very patriotic, about 60%? But, I do feel proud of being a Singaporean, no matter how much I find some parts of her irritating.

You just can't help but love your own motherland.

By the way, the night view was awesome!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

How to fall into a slumber more easily?

I have troubles falling asleep and to cure this I have tried zillions of methods. I google them, I looked up for healthy lifestyle books in the library, Google some more. And after much efforts done, I have finally found the right solutions to my problem! Hooray!

So I know some of you guys out there share the same trouble as I do. Therefore, I'm here to share with you what methods worked and those that don't- at least for me. 

1. Music

After searching for remedies on the Internet and having tried them out. Music is one of the ways to get you into sleep. Not any kind of music. It must be a relaxing one , something to smooth you down and not make you break into a dance. Classical music would be a good choice. If not jazz is pretty good too, just that make sure it isn't loud or anything. I tried for a month and there were a few occasion that it didn't work but so far 70% of the time it did.

If you do not have any classical music discs or not willing to splurge on one, just use the radio. I always tune in to Symphony 92.4 and let it play all the way till when I wake up.

2. Herbal Foot Pad

 I'm not trying to suggest any brand here. But these really helps in falling asleep. I bought mine at the Gmarket which was pretty cheap compared to retail's. Plus, it helps in removing toxin from your body. All you have to do is to just stick it on your feet when you go to sleep. When you wake up the next morning, the foot pad turned black. It will subsequently fade away if you try for a week. Works 80% of the time- tried a week.

You can try Watsons or Guardian. They should have it. Or else get it cheaply from Gmarket. Took around 2 weeks for it to arrive though. 

 3. Medicine



This medicine here was prescribed to me by a Chinese physician. It's a Chinese medicine. 36 capsules a bottle. Supposedly it has no side effects. 2 tablets thrice a day. I was able to sleep more soundly. Tried for 2 weeks, works perfectly 85%. I was a bit skeptic when I was introduced to this. But, it worked somehow so I'm going to continue until I am able to fall asleep more easily without any help.

4. Warm Bath

Take a warm bath before going to sleep. It calms your nerves down. It will be easier to fall into sleep. Tried for a few times, don't always work but it's really a good feeling. I washes away all your weariness and you'll feel a bit more refresh. 


That's my top 4 working list. I'm still exploring for other alternatives but these so far work the best. Let me know if these methods work for you or suggest more ideas! That would be even better

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Got it got it!


Remember how I used to blabber away how job deprived I am? And how I keep search high low for one amidst all the objections and second thoughts?


I just got myself a job and it's a good paying one. Plus, I only need to work once a week! How cool is that?! Some jobs require you to work at least minimum 3 days a week and this complies to retails job too. Plus the paying rate always lingers between $5-6/ hr with some exceptions. You need to think about the job scope , environment and the location. All in all, I hit jackpot!

I'm not going to reveal what and where I'm working at. It's just somewhere near and I work only on Saturdays so the rest of my time I can study at home and finished up my project.

The bad thing is I can't clock in more timing as and when I like as my schedule is fixed so my salary is really low. Oh well..! That's pretty good for once a week thing.

Until my work is stabilised and I got comfortable with it, I may tell you where I worked at . But for now, my fingers are crossed.

Monday, July 9, 2012


Doing several research on internships.

The findings kinda dashes some of my hopes.

I don't know if it sounds stupid or not but pay to do internship abroad?

I don't know,  and it's not just a few bucks but a few thousands not to mention air fare is not included. Might as well go straight to the country and apply for the job directly.

I have also looked at some of the working holiday programs some countries offer. Unfortunately, it is only applicable to some nationalities. I have to do a much in depth research to find out if I'm applicable for it. But if all plans fail , at most I would just travel to several countries and apply job there.

Currently, I am very positive I can go to Canada to do my internship, just a matter of if I am chosen or not.

If I really can't do my internships, well... I can always go for an overseas further studies.

Here's are some I had in mind.

Japan & Korea --> 1/2-1 yrs duration there to do my language studies

UK/Canada/Australia  ----> Get my Masters

New Zealand / Canada ---> Internship.

But dreams are dreams.

Right now I have to work hard to save up for the accommodation that I would incur if I were to go there. No money, no say. So I'm trying my best to secure a part time job.

Wish me luck~

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fathers' Day

Father's Day.

A day that is more often than not, celebrated less enthusiastically than Mother's Day. Now why do I say so? Just look around and you may realise it too. We have more popular songs dedicated to our Mothers , we have more sales  promotions for Mothers' Day than for Fathers' Day. In addition, as quoted from a famous chef, he said that he received more reservations for Mothers' Day then Fathers'. From all these, it's obvious that the society in general subconsioucly favours Mothers' Day more

Most of us too, thanked and express our gratidute for our Mother more than our Father. Perhaps , because of the fact that generally Mothers sacrificed more for their children. For example, a female divorcee with offsprings may find remarriage hard. Going through pregnancy and labour is a very very tiring process. Or that Mother sacrificing their career to look after their children. All these may be why its generally reoognised that Mothers contributed more and thus are more celebrated than of Fathers' Day.

But nonetheless, we must also recognise the hard work that Fathers put in too!

Mothers have the choice of choosing whether to give up their career and be housewife or just throw their kids in childcare. But if the Father was to give up his job , imagine what the society will think of him? Even though society is more open now, but this kind of sterotyping still exists. 

With this kind of burden, they have to cling on to their job. Take in all grievenaces and anger. They can't just tender their resignation like Mothers do.

Fathers usually pays more expenses than Mothers, if not all. And they usually don't buy stuffs for themselves. Mothers go shopping , buy clothes or dolled themselves up. Fathers just make themselves happy by getting themselves a new phone every once in a blue moon.

During pregnancy and labour, Father suffered equally. Both of the parents shared equal burden. Doesn't mean the one who doesn't go through physical labour isn't suffering. They have satisfy Mothers' sudden cravings, listen to their whines and do some rough chores like carring heavy bags and so on.

I know my points aren't a lot but the first point is valid enough.

Fathers don't express their care and affection as openly as Mothers do. However, we must recognise the efforts that our Father put in. And one way may be expressing how much you love them or getting them like gifts to put a smile on their face.

Most of us will go to some fancy restaurant to celebrate Fathers' Day though in the end Dad's the one who pays the bill ( I seriously don't see the logic ). Some of us give gifts but what really matters is something that express your appreciation.

I just treat my Father to something he likes.

I'm not a full time worker so I do not have the expenses of treating my whole family to a luxurious dinner BUT I bought something that will make my Dad happy. At least a smile.

I treat him to Durian.

Well actually, it's Durian Pancakes but seriously Durians are out of season now and it's a quite popular pancakes. I can't find Durian at nearby places and you can't possibly ask me to carry Durian from afar back home. Durians are not allowed in MRT!

So okay I bought him Durina,his favorite fruit. But that's all it matters isn't it? Making him smile. Instead of asking him to fork out money just to treat us to Fathers' Day dinner. Lols

But anyway, the main point is to recognise what our Fathers have done for us. Remember it, appreciate it and express our gratitude for their caring and loving efforts.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Recently I have become more self-conscious. Too bad my self-consciousness came too late. Or else I may have other outcomes. Anyway, I guess it's not too late to start now. And I MUST MUST force myself to comply with those rules. I used to do it frequently but after sometime I slack and then completely forgotten about it. So now I must pick it up again and it's really tiring. Both physically and mentally.

I realised that now I have put in some rules, I am closer in accomplishing my goals and some of them were even realised! The feelings gotten were amazing! So I am going to work hard some more to make my other plans come true!

I will elaborate on this soon once 80% of my plans were fulfilled! But for now, I will work hard and most importantly, POSITIVE THINKING!!

AJA AJA Fighting~~~!

Oh I hope my pay come soon. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Part Time Work

What am I up to lately?

Well.. straight after my last paper, I went for an interview for a 2 weeks customer service cum admin job in Ubi. It was tiring considering that I have to go for an interview after all that midnight oil burning and the transportation. But I did managed to get that job which makes it all worthwhile. The pay was reasonable and it's pretty accessible. The only bad point was that I have to work on Saturday.

About my job.. Getting phone calls and nasty customers wasn't really nice but the pay was good, the environment was nice so it kinds of offsets the bad experiences. But I didn't want to stay much longer, I don't like answering customers enquires when I don't know much. So after I have fulfill my work period , I was outta there!

After that , I continued to search for new job opportunities. I sent a lot of resumes , a few called back but never was I offered a job. I wasn't even picky! I pretty much sent resumes to whatever I can get my hands on and of course pay must be reasonable. By reasonable I mean it must be reasonable within the job scope. If it's just cashiering, I don't mind being paid $5 but if it requires me to serve customers then $5 won't be enough.

Recently, after much tries, I just landed myself a job. The location isn't very far and I don't need to wake up really early. Pay was mediocre, better than some but pale in comparison to others. But what to do? I have already signed the contract so nothing to whine about.

Amidst all these job hunt, I starts to ponder about certain issues.

1) Money Slave

Sometimes I wonder to myself, why on earth do I want to work so hard to earn money where I have to work for the rest of my life? Given the excuse that I am studying, I could just lie back and leach off my parents. To keep on working just to earn more money kinda makes me a 钱奴 which is money slave directly translated. You get the meaning. But then, if I didn't work how would I get the money for my Korean language lessons? Buy clothes? Or even go for overseas exchange next year?

You may argue that I should be desire free and then maybe I won't need to work that hard. But hey, that depends on how you want your lifestyle to be. I want mine to enriching and that means being able to go overseas and learn my languages. So, I shouldn't be whining about working hard and THAT doesn't make me a money slave. Why? Because I didn't work for the sake of earning MORE money. ( I didn't have money to begin with) I am earning because I need the money to do something I like. The focus isn't on money.

2) Don't Grumble

If you don't want to work then don't grumble.Whadda I mean?
Sometimes people grumble :

"Why do they get to buy branded bags?"
"Why do they get to travel overseas and I don't?"

"Why why why!?"

The answer is: Because they worked.  And they worked hard. I shall illustrate this with a conversation I had with my Music Teacher.

I was grumbling to my teacher about having no money to travel even though there's this great promotion going on.  Then she say that that's because I wasn't working hard enough. I was a bit confused as I think I did worked hard enough. I have already maxed up my working hours!! Then she told me her standard of working hard is pretty high. Okay, I can see where she's coming from. My teacher had a permanent office job and she teaches music during the weekends. So yeah, I guess it's not hard enough.

I told her it's not easy to get a job while I have only a short period of availability and she thinks that probably because I'm picky. I don't consider myself to be since I don't mind the location of job ( okay maybe for Jurong Island or Tuas) . And she says there are many kinds of job I can do, except for prostitution and illegal stuffs. Which means that I should apply for jobs even though I don't like the job scope.


Okay maybe that's a bit too hard.
I mean no matter how desperate I am for money, I shouldn't force myself to do something I don't like. Not to come down too hard on myself. I mean there's some many options right. Just that I place Myself > Money. If I can't do it, why force? Like I have no strength so waitress related job won't be good for me. I may smash or drop the plate.

"Then you don't grumble lah"

Alright. I won't.

3) Money is Never Enough!

The funny thing about human is when you have no money, you tend to save more. But when you are working, you save less. I guess this is reverse reflexology we people have. Because we think now that we are working, we have more money thus there are allowance to spend more. And in the end , we spend more than we ought to.

So to compensate for that loss, we try to earn more. And the cycle continues.

Now that my school timetable is out , I'm trying to squeeze in work in between my schedule. So far not working out but I will try. What to do? I'm desperate for money.

I will blog again on my process but for now I'll stop here.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finished Exams

Finished my exams, didn't want to talk much about it. But not only did I finished my exams, I have also finished my last lesson of my Korean Class. Today, if as usual, I would be heading for my Korean class but I'm not! And suddenly, I feel soo empty.

I have been going for Korean Class at the same date for almost 8 consecutive months and suddenly to not go feels completely weird.

As this is the last class, my classmates decided to buy a cake (only a slice though!) and a card where we all wrote our wishes on it- in Korean! To prevent myself from making a mistake and saving teacher the hassle of correcting it,  I have already drafted out my message and post in on to have it corrected.

Even though I have already changed my mistakes, teacher still managed to find ONE small error. Strange though. I got it corrected by a native Korean. Guess even natives made mistakes huh.

Anyway, our Teacher was very happy when she saw the card was filled with Koreans. I guess that's the kind of satisfaction you'll get, like watching your baby walking after many practices.

Our teacher was kind too, she bought as some Korean delicacies from the shopping mall just beside. Honestly, I am not a big fan of Korean food. I have tried them all and the only one that I super like is barbecued pork- (Samgyeopsal)

Taken from somewhere

So I can't say I enjoy the food but I did eat and I found a new love! Kimchi fried rice!
taken from somewhere

I don't like kimchi but kimchi fried rice was okay. She also bought as bibim ramen and beef bibimbap. Each table was two set of meals so we just share it among ourselves.

We don't eat beef so we just eat the rice. It was nice. Hee hee and we took lots of pictures- for keepsake

Sorry if the picture is blur. Can't be help. No matter how hard we all tried to take the photo , it's just blur.

I guess I will really miss teacher, her lessons and the classmates I have made in these wonderful lessons. Since she won't be teaching higher levels, we all have to source for other alternatives to further our studies. I have a pool of resources right now and I didn't know which to choose. I guess have to sort things out quickly before our Korean deteriorates.

So anyone who have good recommendations please leave a comment!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I am extremely frustrated right now! Urgh.. what a slap! Utter disgrace!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


At this moment when you are reading this, Titanic would have sunk hundred years ago, this day in the couple of minutes right in the Atlantic Ocean.

Titanic now lies on the seabed, in the eternal darkness and has not seen the sun since she last sunk. Though, fondly remembered by its romanticised movie, we should all not just focus on its drama but also what we could learn from her and stories of victims who have survived through her very last moments.

At this very moment, I would like to pay respect to the thousands of gentlemen and crew members of their courageous and admirable action of sacrificing their space on the very few lifeboats for the women and children. for they could have all teamed up against the crew members and boarded the lifeboats.

To Mrs. Straus, who gave up her chance of survival to join her husband and claimed that  she will go wherever her husband go-"We have lived together for many years. Where you go, I go", showed how great and wonderful to love and be loved is. 
Now as you read, the screams and cries have started to soften down. The Titanic was just hovering above the surface of the sea.

Unnoticeable doesn't mean his actions were not noble. To those guys in the small box frantically sending SOS signals, stationed at your position till the very end, I salute you. (Read more here :

Assistant Radio Operator
Harold Sidney Bride
First Radio Operator
John George Phillips

(Note: After the power shortage, Bride and Phillips left the wireless room after that message, after being urged to leave their post by Captain Smith. They made their way to the Boat-Deck and began trying to help the other men in the releasing of collapsible Lifeboat B. While neither of them immediately made it onto a lifeboat, both were rescued from the sea. Bride's feet were so severely frozen he could not walk. Phillips died of hypothermia on or near Collapsible lifeboat B, his body was never recovered.)

 To the "band  that plays on", as music lovers,  no words can describe how I feel but I have learn much. The last song that they played were "Nearer, My God, to Thee".

The story of Titanic taught us how easily our arrogance and over-confidence easily can bring us down. No matter how great we are, we should always keep in mind the we should never let our arrogance and pride control us.

Lastly, to the Captain of the Ship, who had planned to retire after the voyage. I bid you peace. 

Even though, the last survivors of Titanic has passed away peacefully, which made the passengers of Titanic all "gone", you will all always remain in our memories and heart. 

And finally, to all of those passengers who have unfortunately died in the sinking, whether I have mention or not, may you all attain eternal peace. 

2:20 PM GMT 0 
Titanic purged 

God Bless. 
 (The post is scheduled at 2:17am GMT 0)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Indonesia- Batam- Labun Island

Labun Island!

My whole family went on a short getaway to Batam, Indonesia.

We went to this small island call Labun Island and stayed at the Kelong- which were basically houses on stilts. This type of houses were still being used by some of the locals here as they depend on fishing for a living.

This island I think, is owed by a Singaporean and had it converted for resort use. But, unlike others, this Kelong has NO air-conditioning, NO wifi, USES matressess , water is from the WELL, properly filterated and channeled into our bathroom and has NO electricity except at night. So it's like back to the past years when our grandparents lived in.

Nonetheless, it's quite an experience. I mean, we should all try different experience, even if it's for a short period.

We only have one dinning area and it's not very polish. The bridge connecting our rooms to it is merely a no-railing plank.

But don't worry since the water isn't depth, at low tide it's merely up to your waist plus I'm quite short. When it's high tide, it's still quite shallow , you can easily stand up.

So during meal time, we would across the bridge and head for the dinning area.

With only two days at hand, we went straight for island trekking once we reached and had our lunch. Plus the island is quite small so it doens't take much time for us to explore the whole land.

It wasn't a difficult trek just that you have to be really cautious if you don't want to fall into the spikey roots sticking out from the ground. And if you make pass all that, you will be rewarded with a beautiful sight-or so.

We went fishing during the first day afternoon. Fishing rods and baits were available.. free of course then we went on the Banana Boat.

It took us really far and I could see real Kelongs at other islands which was quite a beautiful sight. The jet boat which was driving us broke down halfway. Thank god, we had another boat followed us and eventually pulled up to shore.

 The night view was awesome. Very picturesque, too bad I'm still a novice at photography or else I may have taken some really good photos.

The next day, we went snorkeling in the morning! It's quite a strange feeling when you have corals and fishes swimming below you and you can just reach out and touch them. But because this is my first time snorkeling, I was bad at it and had to drink a couple gulps of seawater. Nasty! At barely half and hour I was out of the water because I am just so bad at it that I totally gave up.  When I was swimming, the seas was quite cloudy but the water was really clear during the afternoon.

Mini Crabs

Too bad we didn't had any proffessional trainers as this is just a mini sized resort.

Our meals have also been seafood and I actually have crabs for both days! Lucky~ But the crabs were quite small so it's hard to eat.

Finally, it's time for us to head back to Singapore. It was around noon so it's at low tide and we have the climb down that creepy stair way or else during high tide, you could just jumb down where it is only a few centimeters away.  So only those Nature lovers would love such getaways and those of you urban dwellers, not so much.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Marine Bay Sands

After the whole Titanic exhibition, we went to the Integrated Resorts to look at the fountain. I don't really know what's the name called but it's something similar to the previous musical fountain back in Sentosa-where water sprouted out of the hose into a huge fan shape and image were projected on the huge fan.

I watched the show twice because the first time I missed the part of the show so we came back at 9:30 to watch the full show.

Since we have like an hour to spare, we went to the hotel to take a look. The whole place were flooded with foreigners! I have never seen so much foreigners in a hotel before. The interior is really nice too, very unique and luxurious! There wasn't much to explore so we went back to the fountain since it's almost time.

The show was quite interesting and I heard from Sandra that the program changes time from time so maybe if I come down in the next two months maybe I can watch a whole new different story.

At the end of the show, there were bubbles released and it was really beautiful. Too bad my photography skills wasn't that good to bring out the beauty.

After the whole show ended, we were finally going home! Except there's this crowd that piqued our interest. Just why were they crowding over the area? So we went over and take a look.

Hello what you guys doing?~

And to our surprise , they were looking at this:

My first impression was -.- , monkey see monkey do. But after joining the crowd myself, it kind of draws in you. Lols! So I stared at it for 5 mins and then we left. We were just sooo tired.

Overall, I had an enjoyable day except I was really worn out.