Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Came back from Hong Kong. It's good to be home. I was waiting for my mother to upload the photos into the computer before I could blog. So yeah.. this year's trip was kinda boring.. to me. But after coming back, I want to go back to Hong Kong.

Just so you know, I went on an overseas band exchange in Hong Kong. It was about 4/5 days long. Basically, we did a bit of touristry stuff but the rests were spent in the Hong Kong School.

We depart and arrive in terminal 3. Cool eh? Get to see so much 'high class' stuffs.
Beautiful isn't it. Cool eh!

We took the famous tram.. up the hill.

This is not the train I took. It's only for display but I took the tram similar to this model.
That's me against the beautiful sight of hong kong scenery. The mark of human civilisation. The showcase of humans' intelligence and capability. But this photo of me is like.. "a flower stick on the dung" and I am the dung.
This is a Japanese restaurant just on top of the peak. I took a photo with this house.. and it really gives me a serenity feeling.
At night we went to the Avenue of Stars famous for the hand prints of hong kong movie stars.

I took this photo of this half naked women is because I think it some hows.. signify the Avenue of Stars.

The laser show.. with music.. but actually.. nothing special. Not at all entertaining. I prefer sentosa's musical fountain. Now got the sea version.. (sentosa) yet to watch. heehee.
Me, Xiu Yun and peizhen were trying to find the handprints. Mrs Ng said it's on the floor. So we went to look for it. We saw Miss Tan looking for it so we decided to join in.. We finally saw it! It's really on the floor but it's too dark to see it! Because the dead Movie star's hand print were removed and replace by a star so I thought it was a floor pattern but then I found out it wasn't. If I see carefully the Movie Star's name was printed on it. A bit sway (bad luck) that I only get to take the photo of this movie star. I think peizhen and xiuyun should know why.

We check in to a five star hotel... and the room is... small.

Me and peizhen share a bed. The two juniors share the other. As you can see, we the wall is made of glass. So we can see who's bathing inside. But of course we taped the curtain into the glass so that we don't know what the rest are doing in the restroom.

The view outside the window.. anyway the overhead bridge is under construction.

Singapore international School in Hong Kong. They sing Singapore national Anthem and that's their library.
Some collage we went to , to do some performing. The students are much younger than me so .. no suitable guys for me.
My friends told me that Hong Kong's English is good. That I shouldn't belittle them. Their English standard was on par with us or maybe better. When they told me, I feel so embarassed because in my perception I think that their English wasn't good so I was very prepared to learn and brush up my cantonese. So that I can talk to them. In the end... they can't speak English or Chinese (bu dong hua). They can understand but just can't talk. They can write good english. I was very dissappointed. They talk to me in Cantonese which I can understand a bit. They talk very fast so it's hard to catch. I feel left out. Peizhen can speak cantonese so she did talk to them. Even the tour guide admits that their English and Chinese wasn't good. But thank god I can understand what they say. Peizhen call herself Apple Pie I heard her telling the hongkong student. I laughed and say that if she's apple pie.. then I am cherry pie. The stupid Peizhen really tell that student I am cherry pie. Crap... lots of hillarious stuffs going on but just don't want to elaborate.
At night we went to "women's street" a bit regret.. I thought we were going shopping some other days.. in which we did and I thought by then, I would see much more cheaper stuffs so I do not dare to buy much. In the end.. I regret!

Breakfast at Starbucks! How cool is that? But the breakfast is really simple. Ham, bread, hotdog and two slice of tomatoes. We went for SPECIAL CLINIC SESSION. GRaw... doesn't benefit me but only the juniors. And then exchange with another secondary school. They share the same conductor.

We went to Hong Kong museum. Nothing much.. entrance fee: S$1
I have been a really good girl. I drank plenty of bottle.. One and a half bottle (1 litre per bottle) per day! And I eat vegetables every day. Well, actually I can't afford to get sick so I eat.. This plate of winter melon is finished by me.. i mean three quarter finished by me. Evidence that I eat vegetables. It taste good anyway. We went to a shopping complex to do some shopping and.. we all return empty handed.. It's soo expensive! So we figured out to do some photo taking instead.
The next morning we went to some typical hong kong restaurant. Kinda nice.. but hong kong people sure love to eat pork. I even took photo of the typical hong kong breakfast menu.. the different sets of meals..


Okay enough boasting... I don't have the photo of the band performing and the teachers would not want to send it to us.. haix.. how unfortunate. But I manage to get a photo with goofy! WHEE! I went to the newly opened SMALL WORLD just opened this year. How fortunate. And it's so adorable inside!

We went back to the hotel after the magnificient fireworks! It synchronise with disney music! awww.. how melodious...

We ate our breakfast at the same typical hong kong restaurant. With better food. I guess and then we went to some famous temple. It was said that the wealthy merchants donate money or satatue for people to pray. People were queuing up to touch the god of wealth. I am not working so I think I will not touch the god. I didn't took photos as I thought it will be disrespecting the gods. The temple was built in a reclaimed beach... so he went there to play with sand as we have some time left. By the way, the tour guide, Lough said that the sand was taken from Hainan Island. The sand was quite rough, I still like Australia's sand.
I don't know what the hell is this place but both Hong Kong and China flag flew high up in the sky.
For Lunch we ate some yucky spaggati with mayonise and yummy tomato.
And guess what happen after the lunch? More shopping. I mangae to buy two t-shirts at Espirt at around S$11 !! Cheap Cheap! Knowing Esprit , they won't sell that cheap so I am sooo lucky to be able to get such good bargains. We took Singapore Airline back and I manage to finish watching The Dark Knight and Indiana Jones 4. And a bit of Meet Dave. For dinner at the plane I have Haagan Daas!! Better than the China one. At least not so sweet. Should have bluff that I don't have and get another one. heeehee~ took one last photo at the airport before we go back to School.
Home Sweet Home
Sorry for all the spelling mistakes if there's any. The spell check doesn't work. Anyway, I know this is not well done but I have finally and thankfully managed to post. It took me two days to get the photo uploaded, arranged. I'm kinda worn out and sick of it so I lost interest. I know it could have been better. But .. haix.. sorry too bad. After the Hong Kong trip I still went to Catholic JC for band practice and it's tiring. Huff...
I know this post said it was posted on Wednesday but I finished at Thursday. The day after tomorrow I will be going off to Malaysia so I sorta rushed this post. Anyway hope you guys enjoy. I no energy to Hao Lian.. haha so too bad.. your cannot suan me. haha

~.~.~.~.~.~.~. ~.~.~.~.~.~.~. ~.~.~.~.~.~.~. ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.

P.s : Edited on 12/03/2012. This blog post is at least four years old. Some parts were edited and others were left to convey the feelings of that time. Meant for leisure reading, should it help you in your planning of itinery, would be great. Otherwise, refrain from using this as a main reference.