Sunday, July 21, 2013

Zoo & 21st Birthday

Sandra wanted to go to the Zoo since they have this crazy promotion going on since it's the Zoo's 40th Anniversary. It has been quite sometime since I last visited the Zoo so I thought 'Why not?'. I thought it would be quite boring since I am not into looking at all these animals unless they are of an unusual species and we would pretty much complete our tour by noon. But who would have thought we actually spent a day since we watched all of the animals show and visited 90% of the animals.

The shows were kinda okay, not much of a circus type of amazement but yeahh.. I can roughly understand. These animals weren't made to threw the audience back and it wasn't the purpose (at least not officially) of the Zoo to be tourist centric marketing through stunts performing animals.  Instead, they were known as a conservation to educate. Therefore, the shows were more designed to showcase the intelligence of these lovely friends and educate the public about saving rain forest instead of training them to be the next attention grabber. Not that I'm pinpointing any other Zoological Conservation. :D

So for people like me, it wasn't much of an excitement to watch these shows. Rather I'm just bored. But oh well...

My 21st Birthday was on the other hand.. kind of alright.

I had my stayed the day with my parents and also half at work. Then the next day, I spent it with my friends. To be honest, I think the day that I hang around with my friends was a bit more enjoyable as compared with my family. Oppss. On the whole I will say that the way I celebrate is quite satisfactory. But.. if given a choice..I do want an elaborate one. I despise Chalet, and by elaborate I mean really.. elaborate.. grand. Maybe spend the day overseas. Aiya.. forget it. I don't have the budget to do it. So this is fine.