Thursday, October 27, 2011


In midst of examination.... Taking a short break. I have so much I want to blog about. I already have in mind what I want to blog about but will do it after exams. Stress Stress Stress!!!

Things I want to blog about:

1) I have a big good news... relating to Kpop
2) Deepavali
3) Languages that I am learning
 and so much more but.....

exams comes first

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jap vs Kor vs Chinese

I wonder if you guys have realised but I do kind of notice that many Korean learners have actually Japanese background. Just look at creativityjapanese and hangukdrama. They both have learnt Japanese and are now learning Korean. I guess I am not the only exception, there are plenty of such people alike out there.  I find that after with a Chinese background and had learnt a little of Japanese, learning Korean is much a breeze because there are so much similarities between them.

This kind of made me wonder. I understand why people are learning Korean now, since there is this kpop craze going around the world. I also understand why people are learning Japanese as anime, manga are still popular and appealing to the young generations. But what about Chinese? Is there any people out there learning Mandarin?

I know there are many out there who learnt Mandarin during F4's era. (F4 is a popular Taiwan band but in the past) But what about now? Is the Chinese pop still appealing to the people out there? Learn because of the Chinese drama pop and culture not because China is predicted an upcoming power.
I am really curious.

I would really want to read blogs about people learning Mandarin. There are so many questions I want to ask. Is Mandarin hard? Is it fun learning that language? Because as a Chinese, I never understand the difficulty Chinese is to other people. Some of my English speaking CHINESE friends said that learning the language is really hard.

If there is any of you out there learning Mandarin, would you please drop me a comment or mail? Perhaps I can help. I am considered good in school. I wouldn't know where I stand now. But I guess I wouldn't be very bad. Looking forward to the mails!!