Saturday, March 31, 2012

Marine Bay Sands

After the whole Titanic exhibition, we went to the Integrated Resorts to look at the fountain. I don't really know what's the name called but it's something similar to the previous musical fountain back in Sentosa-where water sprouted out of the hose into a huge fan shape and image were projected on the huge fan.

I watched the show twice because the first time I missed the part of the show so we came back at 9:30 to watch the full show.

Since we have like an hour to spare, we went to the hotel to take a look. The whole place were flooded with foreigners! I have never seen so much foreigners in a hotel before. The interior is really nice too, very unique and luxurious! There wasn't much to explore so we went back to the fountain since it's almost time.

The show was quite interesting and I heard from Sandra that the program changes time from time so maybe if I come down in the next two months maybe I can watch a whole new different story.

At the end of the show, there were bubbles released and it was really beautiful. Too bad my photography skills wasn't that good to bring out the beauty.

After the whole show ended, we were finally going home! Except there's this crowd that piqued our interest. Just why were they crowding over the area? So we went over and take a look.

Hello what you guys doing?~

And to our surprise , they were looking at this:

My first impression was -.- , monkey see monkey do. But after joining the crowd myself, it kind of draws in you. Lols! So I stared at it for 5 mins and then we left. We were just sooo tired.

Overall, I had an enjoyable day except I was really worn out.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Super Show 4

I know I should have blog about this. It just slipped off my mind!


I got my ticket but however at the expense of not being able to sit near my friend. We were both separated from each other as during the sale of ticket , the ticketing booth went down. Even my Korean Class Classmate didn't have to buy separated tickets even though she queued over night and was 7th in the queue at the sistic counter in Indoor Stadium.

Sistic should do something about the system. That's the bad part of being a monopoly. The lack of competition leads to inefficiency. And it wasn't the first time Sistic System went down. Good heavens!

Lydia and I and went there early and she brought me around the stadium. We can see some China promoter and Korean people selling light sticks and posters. We even saw some elfs trying to grab some goodies from the fanclubs as they were giving away banners and some others. 

So Lydia thought maybe I should go try and grab my bias' goodies (My Idol- Leeteuk free gifts) since she's here early with her other friends and had already gotten what she wanted. 

I tried to go in close but as you can see, the fans were overwhelming so I gave up. We walked around before going into the stadium and actually I kinda whine to Lydia and she seems a bit annoyed. Opps~

Anyway, we got in and to my astonished I got banners placed on my seat. One of them is actually my idol's so I was really elated!
I also got Kyuhyun's but I gave it to Lydia since that's her favorite idol and Eunhyuk's as a bonus. When it's Eunhyuk's turn to perform, the audience flashed that banner and it was soo cool!

The whole concert was awesome except that the security was really tight and I got stopped once. Some were less luckier as they were escorted out just at the beginning of the concert! The security was exactly pleased as well but thank goodness the one who stopped me was a lady.

Scared off by that of course I didn't really manage to video the conference even though I am in the middle section. What's worst was that behind me was a row of reporters and security guards, standing - because they didn't have seats.

Only towards the ending did I manage to get a few shot by then since security has loosen then.

Overall it was fantastic! I had a blast! A bit sad since this will probably be my last concert with Super Junior because Leeteuk may not be perform in the next one since his in the army. :'(

Monday, March 19, 2012

Titanic @ Arts Science Museum

Had a blast at Arts and Science Museum yesterday! I went for the Titanic 100th Anniversary exhibition and unlike most of the mediocre exhibitions I had been to, this is so much better. Honestly, if I were to rate out of ten , I would give it a 7. 3 because it has allowance for better improvement.

It was $20 just for the Titanic exhibition but if you want to watch the movie: Ghost of Abyss , you can get the whole package for $25! Plus, they will give you a little badge that states: White Line Star . But this pricing is only applicable to locals, if you are a tourist, you be charge at a higher rate, perhaps $5 more? 

I have been to so many times to the museum, mostly at National Museum because as a student you get to go in for FREE! Yea~ I am a cheapo. But this visit far outcry any of the exhibition I've gone to, or maybe because I haven't been to a major grand one. 

The exhibition: We watched the hour long movie first before entering the exhibition. It shows about this crew going underwater to the sunken site and explains parts of the ship where they been to. Rather than a movie, it should be considered as a documentary except that it has some elements of humour. 

You can find similar videos, of water footage at youtube too.

After the movie  documentary, we proceeded to visit the exhibition. At first it was like any ordinary display of some facts and artifacts, but then came the part where we "board" the ship and straight into the first class cabin. It was really luxurious! Even though the passageway was merely a  1-2 metres long, the lightnings and the display enhanced the experience as though we were really in Titanic, first class cabin!

After the passageway, we were led to other displays of artifacts and more mimics of bedrooms and bars were put up.

Posters were put up to explain the interior designs of first-class cabins and all the privileges that they were entitled to. More fascinating is that they put up prices of how much each class ticket is worth. The first class was 4k~ at that point which is equivalent to 100k in modern times. 2,500 for second class and 900 for third class which is about 1000 in modern times. What wide difference there is.

And then came the place where everyone was looking forward to ...


Unfortunately, photos weren't allowed and if you want , you can ask the photography (Museum's crew) to help you take one and you purchase at the counter. Tsk, what money making schemes they have!

After that we entered the third class cabins! Not as glamours as the first class but still very classy.

This is their bedroom and according to the posters, it was said that the third class was so much more comfortable than the rivalry ocean liners. 

In the boiler section, they show huge displays of how it really looks like in reality and the whole setting gave the fiery hot ambiance and these makes you wonder how do the workers stand such condition? The real setting is not really like this photo above but just a glimpse of how it kind of looks like. 

Here comes the another beautiful remake of the titanic set: Promenade Deck.

It was another beautiful remake besides the grand stairs. I don't know why people didn't mention this but it was really nice! Perhaps, the were all drawn in to the Grand stairs because of the Titanic movie and led them to ignore other picturesque view. 

 Frankly, I haven't been to a cruise before so I don't know how it looks like in real life but Sandra who went on once, said it was an exact replica. There were "stars" and a romantic breezy atmosphere was created.

After all these romantic beautiful scenery and description of design and interior of Titianc, we have finally come to the part where it sinks.

Reading all those testimonies from survivors makes you imagine how dreadful that night was, with all those screaming and the dilemma to help them or not. 

Then is this iceberg where can touch to feel how cold it was. Personally, a cool room should be instilled to give us the feeling how cold it was that night because although by touching the iceberg you can sort of "feel" the coldness, it was only your hand that experience the temperature. And no sooner, the feeling is gone!  At least with a cooler room, your whole body is immersed in that cold temperature therefore you can really really experience how cool it was. 

This iceberg is colder than a normal ice cube.

 And then, we are in the end of our tour. I actually did miss out certain parts of the exhibition. 

So did I entice you to visit Titanic?

 If I do get up your butt there right now!

If I didn't, then smack yourself and go down to the museum! 

A little something for you to chew on!

note: Some of the notes weren't mine, if they are yours and you want them to be removed by all means contact me and I will jolly do it.

Monday, March 12, 2012


I'm going to do so renovation since I have some spare time. Don't worry, it won't affect the publishing of latest blog entry, just going to modify some of the past travel posts so that I can put them all up!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I am taking a short rest before continuing my journey of mugging again.
I have just handed in my assignment and completed my 2 test last Monday and Tuesday. When everything seems to be over, I will be having my Theoy Exam (music) next week and am really struggling with it. I am just not good with theory, practical would be so much better, though I have never failed theory even though I am always struggling with it. But anyway, I am going to make full use of tomorrow to revise all my theory concepts cause it never seems to stay in my head. Then for the next whole week, revise more and more until exam date.

After my theory, guess what?

I will be having my Major exams next month. Perhaps during mid April to early May. So, besides revising for theory, I have to revise my daily work too. In addition, I still have to complete my Korean homeworks which our teacher always give a lot in one go.

It's like I am asking for it, okay I asked for it.  Though it's not a lot, it's always difficult to have contents stay in your head when you have little exercise to help in your memory work. The working exercises I have are too little to sustain me and equipped me with experience and confidence. So my best bet is the textbook.

Enough of all these typical whining.

I will now talk about what I am trying to achieve

1) No soft drinks until 29th June
2) No buying of clothes until the peirod of June
3) Reach the weight of 40 , so it's like 3 more kgs to go.

Not that I am fat, but I am chubby, so I guess I need to diet. And holding back my hunger for soft drinks can be quite a torture when I love soft dirnks sooo much! Plus buying of clothes? Maybe not that hard since I am running out of cash so it should be very possible. Why june? That's becasue it's my birthday so , just for that day , that period, I can go ahead and buy something I like and dirnk what I like.

I need to exercise but I guess being soo occupied is really hard for me to do it. Plus I keep sleeping late. So I need to adjust my sleeping pattern in order to wake up early and jog.

Anyway, revise!