Friday, March 23, 2012

Super Show 4

I know I should have blog about this. It just slipped off my mind!


I got my ticket but however at the expense of not being able to sit near my friend. We were both separated from each other as during the sale of ticket , the ticketing booth went down. Even my Korean Class Classmate didn't have to buy separated tickets even though she queued over night and was 7th in the queue at the sistic counter in Indoor Stadium.

Sistic should do something about the system. That's the bad part of being a monopoly. The lack of competition leads to inefficiency. And it wasn't the first time Sistic System went down. Good heavens!

Lydia and I and went there early and she brought me around the stadium. We can see some China promoter and Korean people selling light sticks and posters. We even saw some elfs trying to grab some goodies from the fanclubs as they were giving away banners and some others. 

So Lydia thought maybe I should go try and grab my bias' goodies (My Idol- Leeteuk free gifts) since she's here early with her other friends and had already gotten what she wanted. 

I tried to go in close but as you can see, the fans were overwhelming so I gave up. We walked around before going into the stadium and actually I kinda whine to Lydia and she seems a bit annoyed. Opps~

Anyway, we got in and to my astonished I got banners placed on my seat. One of them is actually my idol's so I was really elated!
I also got Kyuhyun's but I gave it to Lydia since that's her favorite idol and Eunhyuk's as a bonus. When it's Eunhyuk's turn to perform, the audience flashed that banner and it was soo cool!

The whole concert was awesome except that the security was really tight and I got stopped once. Some were less luckier as they were escorted out just at the beginning of the concert! The security was exactly pleased as well but thank goodness the one who stopped me was a lady.

Scared off by that of course I didn't really manage to video the conference even though I am in the middle section. What's worst was that behind me was a row of reporters and security guards, standing - because they didn't have seats.

Only towards the ending did I manage to get a few shot by then since security has loosen then.

Overall it was fantastic! I had a blast! A bit sad since this will probably be my last concert with Super Junior because Leeteuk may not be perform in the next one since his in the army. :'(

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