Saturday, March 10, 2012


I am taking a short rest before continuing my journey of mugging again.
I have just handed in my assignment and completed my 2 test last Monday and Tuesday. When everything seems to be over, I will be having my Theoy Exam (music) next week and am really struggling with it. I am just not good with theory, practical would be so much better, though I have never failed theory even though I am always struggling with it. But anyway, I am going to make full use of tomorrow to revise all my theory concepts cause it never seems to stay in my head. Then for the next whole week, revise more and more until exam date.

After my theory, guess what?

I will be having my Major exams next month. Perhaps during mid April to early May. So, besides revising for theory, I have to revise my daily work too. In addition, I still have to complete my Korean homeworks which our teacher always give a lot in one go.

It's like I am asking for it, okay I asked for it.  Though it's not a lot, it's always difficult to have contents stay in your head when you have little exercise to help in your memory work. The working exercises I have are too little to sustain me and equipped me with experience and confidence. So my best bet is the textbook.

Enough of all these typical whining.

I will now talk about what I am trying to achieve

1) No soft drinks until 29th June
2) No buying of clothes until the peirod of June
3) Reach the weight of 40 , so it's like 3 more kgs to go.

Not that I am fat, but I am chubby, so I guess I need to diet. And holding back my hunger for soft drinks can be quite a torture when I love soft dirnks sooo much! Plus buying of clothes? Maybe not that hard since I am running out of cash so it should be very possible. Why june? That's becasue it's my birthday so , just for that day , that period, I can go ahead and buy something I like and dirnk what I like.

I need to exercise but I guess being soo occupied is really hard for me to do it. Plus I keep sleeping late. So I need to adjust my sleeping pattern in order to wake up early and jog.

Anyway, revise!

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