Thursday, September 29, 2011

My bad attitude

Oh man , exams are really nearing just when I have more ideas on what to blog. Crappy !!!!!
I haven't been studying lately.. Bad girl! But wasn't exactly slacking off.. okay I'm contridicting myself. Been blogging these past few days and I run into this fabulous blog which focuses on langauges.

Creativity Japanese

She ( I believe) , is a Singaporean like the previous blog I mentioned. She mentioned a lot on her translation work, how she improve both her Korean and Japanese and recently she hightlighted some key points of languages. Her blog inspires me to learn my languages more dilligently. Let me explain my personality. As I have a little japanese background and a little korean knowledge, I realised that I have always learn these two languages with a lazy attitude. How so? Well, after my classes, I would not touch my textbook again until the next lesson or perhaps I would do a little revision before or after my lessons. Therefore, sometimes I would forget some of the grammer, words and the rules on sentence structure.

This blog kinds of stirred up some of my guilt. I have always felt a bit apologetic to myself. Being a Singaporean Chinese, my first language is English. And as you all know, English has become (arguably) a global language. In our soceity, English is more vastly used as the official language than our remaining three, Malay, Indian and Chinese.  We used English as a medium to learn Mathematics and other subjects; write legal/formal documents and converse in English. Therefore, I tend to focus more on English than my Mandarin yet , I am ashmaded to say that even though I practises my English on a more frequent basis, my English is still not up to standard, as you all can see from my writtings. But you know, life just don't work out the way you expect it to be. If you are not talented at it, there is just a ceiling you can reach.

Anyway, as I was saying, because I channeled more of my time in learning English, I neglected my Mandarin. So I have always thought that "Woah, why do I spend so much time learning Korean and Japanese but totally neglected my Mandarin, what's more is that I am a Chinese!" I did stocked up on some books that I was going to read but I never did so because of my lazy personality. So this blog kinda like pushes me to do what I had planned to do. And I am going to do it! Well.. after the exams.

I have also decided to change my learning attitude as learning a language , not to say two, is a tedious work. It requires LOTS of efforts and hardwork! I don't know whether I will succeed but I am going to give it a shot!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Korean Resources

To those of you out there who are a beginner in Korean as I do, I bet you are looking for resources that can give free lessons or things that can aid in your learning. Feared not! I have some resources here to share.

Park's Guide

 I used this as reference on the grammar rules so for example if I am not sure when to use certain particles like "에" I can just look click on the specific post and I can get a detailed explanation of it. Park's Blog is mainly focuses on grammar and tenses, it does have a few special posts on expression and a bit interesting post on the language. It is not really structured in terms of levels. Therefore, it's more beneficial to those who have already basic knowledge of Korean

So for those just started out, I would recommend Talk To Me in Korean.

It is really good for beginners as it is categorised according to levels. Bad thing is, you have to download the contents of the lesson as PDF files, and can't read them online. But the good thing is , it comes with audio files! So you can listen on how the word is being pronounced. It is really good for those who have IPAD or TouchPad or anything similar. You can download the file and read them on bus or whenever you are free without Internet connection. Moreover, it teaches much more than Park's Guide. They teach you from greetings to food and how a typical Koreans lifestyle.You can find out more on the blog so check it out!!

Sometimes when you are learning may it be language or science, you need a little push, a little inspiration. And I got JUST the remedy for you!

Hanguk Drama

I love this blog! This blog is created by a Singaporean not that it really matters. She is currently schooling in Korea University right now. So she will do blogging about her life over there and more about the Korean culture.You may pick up some inspiration from this blog and spice up your learning experience. Or perhaps.. it may discourage you instead of motivating you??!!

There are lots of such blog online but I am currently recommending you this one. If I find others just as good, I would recommend it.

For now, I am rushing my assignments and projects, and when it were all about to end.. exams start to draw near. ARGHHH!!!! That's soo irritating. Oh well, I guess I won't be blogging much.. although I am already not blogging much. >.<

Currently, I am juggling between my school work and studying for my test. 

This is what I am currently studying and I only showed you one page. I hope I can really advance up to further level. But let's just take one step at a time. Oh well... back to studying.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kiss the Radio

Have you guys heard of Kiss the Radio before?? 

Well if you haven't, let me introduce it to you!

Kiss the Radio is radio broadcasting section where famous Kpop idols Leeteuk and Eunhyuk from Superjunior co-host a radio show! The show starts at 9pm to 10 pm local time.

It is a famous radio show that you can not only listen to radio (like duh), but also watch them host live!! 

In the past, I will have to go in order to watch the radio show. Even so, there are times when the live stream will lag and may not even move. Other times, I have to go somewhere therefore I might missed the show but with this..

TA DA!!!

I don't have to miss it at all! Not only it's portable, it has GREAT quality and it DOESN'T LAG! I can watch them in the bathroom, in cafeteria, kopitiam ANYWHERE!! Isn't it great?!

So why is the kiss the radio soo fascinating ?

Well it's because sometimes they will talk about some interesting topics, like how many dating experience they have, what funny incidents they have been through or even make fun of their own member. They may even have celebrities guest like KARA and Kim Hyun Joong!  These idols usually go on promotional activities whenever they make a comeback and they will always stop at KBS Kiss the Radio!

What's more interesting about this radio show?

Well.. it's because



Some screenshots, of them when they are hosting the show. 

So what if you don't understand what they are talking about? Don't worry, ELFs (Super Junior's Fans) will always translate and upload videos on youtube. Hee hEe, so all you have to do is to...



                                      TADA !!!!!
It's subbed!!! YEahhhhhhhHHH!

Well, this may also help to aid my Korean learning!! Since it is subbed. And if you want more, you can always type in "Sukira Kiss the Radio Eng subbed" and you can always find videos of them. If you are able to understand Mandarin, all the better! There are more videos on them! All the courtesy of China and Taiwan fans.. and even Singaporean fans! Thank you!!

So if you are free, don't hesitate to tune in and download the application! It will kill your boredom away!

And do you know that this radio station is broadcast in and open studio hence there are fans crowded around the studio to get a  peek of their idols. What's more amazing is that the studio is now made a tourist stopover!! So you will get tourists stopping over the station. OMG!! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Japanese Buffet!

Have not been able to blog the past few days, it has been a tough week as I have project deadline, tests going on consequetively . I have three more projects to go, so I will take a short break today and continue to work hard tomorrow. Therefore , I just post a very short entry. Exams date are nearing too, so I must prepare!!

Anyway, I have been to the a wonderful place in Singapore. I didn't know such place exist until we have sort of a cousin lunch gathering . And what is this place I am talking about??

Japanese Buffet and there is...



There is also Sushi.. Udon, chawamushi and even desert!! The restuarant is very beautiful, it has each booth designed as a Japanese stall. Unlike other restuarnt which put up typical japanese light, japanese seating, this one is unique.

OMG, I never know of such wonderful place! What have I been doing these past few years? The shop is situated at Paragon, I don't know if they have other outlets but it's worth going! The price is quite average, an adult cost about ~$20 and if you add gst, if total up to ~$23. I mean, it's quite afforadble right. Unlike, sakae sushi, you may pay lesser buffet price but you don't get much variety. If you order Udon in Sakae, you may not have to pay extra or even if you go nihon mura though they are cheaper. So if you really want your money to be properly spent..

KISEKI is your choice!!

You don't need to keep on eating sushi, you can eat others too!

So if you guys want to try out something new.. KISEKI! Till then ~

Monday, September 5, 2011

Here in Korean Class

So here I am for my Korean language Class. Honestly, I have already did a write up for this and upload it through my Handphone. Somehow, it doesn't get through. And this is the second time!! Oh well, I guess I have to rewrite it.

So as you can see, this is the door to my school. To be more specific, it is the door to my classroom. I wouldn't actually call this my school since it operates in a room, but nontheless it offers language classes. Werid. Well, actually when my senior asked my where I learn my Korean, I told him Hanok. He later replied "That sad looking place?". Tsk.. It's sad looking okay. Sure it only function in a tiny classroom but I think the teaching isn't compromise. Let me do a little summary and background for you guys.

If I am not wrong, Hanok Korean Class is a newly established school.Unlike other korean schools, my teacher is a local. Therefore, if there is anything that is really hard to understand, my teacher can use Chinese or English to converse with us. And as some words in Korean are quite similar to Chinese, she will then relate to it so that we know. Base on my previous experience, having a local teacher would be much better as previously, I had a native teacher teaching me. And when it becomes difficult, he finds it hard to explain to us so therefore I don't really understand what is going on.

Having a small classroom doesn't mean my learning is being compromise. The teacher is good in a sense that she uses flashcards and interact with us in Korean. Being forced to reply her in Korean and to repeat the vocabs means that the words are being internalise inside me. Every lesson before we are dismissed , we are to have spelling . At first it is just words, but later we are to translate English into Korean, which makes it more fun. Morever, small class means smaller students and that means I have lots of attention.

Best of all, among other language school, Hanok Korean Class offers the BEST offer. As I am still schooling, I am offered the student price.

However, having one room means there is little time slots it can offer. And the class do not have schedule for higher level, well at least none that I know of. Classes are only conducted in weekday evening or weekends. Therefore, with such little timing and only one classroom. It is impossible to offer higher level lessons and furthermore, many of them only took the lessons for fun, they stopped after Basic 1. So at some point of time, I may have to switch. Either they compromise by offering less lesson basic level lessons or stop at a certain level. But most of the time, they would stop at a level as basic level demands are much higher.

So if you guys want the link, here you go!

Till then~

I'm selling my Easy Korean Textbook for $23 with CD-ROM
Do drop me a mail or text 92989416 if you are interested!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Korean Class Today!!!

I am going to Korean class today!!! Finally!! I didn't do much studying last night so I studied on the bus ride to school today. I managed and get back some important infos and grammar ( am is ) . Hmm. Memorizing grammar rules is never easy for me. At least it's much simple than English. It is also a either you use this word or you the other however , this is quite problematic for me as I still don't know which to use when I am saying it verbally. For written , it is easy so you can see which to use . I will explain in depth when I have the time but to those who learnt Korean , you guys should understand what I said.

Anyway, I am currently on my way to Clement station. I just hope I didn't hop onto the wrong bus, or else it would be a waste of time and money!!! Blog later, need keep an eye on where to alight! Won't want to miss it!

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