Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Korean Resources

To those of you out there who are a beginner in Korean as I do, I bet you are looking for resources that can give free lessons or things that can aid in your learning. Feared not! I have some resources here to share.

Park's Guide

 I used this as reference on the grammar rules so for example if I am not sure when to use certain particles like "에" I can just look click on the specific post and I can get a detailed explanation of it. Park's Blog is mainly focuses on grammar and tenses, it does have a few special posts on expression and a bit interesting post on the language. It is not really structured in terms of levels. Therefore, it's more beneficial to those who have already basic knowledge of Korean

So for those just started out, I would recommend Talk To Me in Korean.

It is really good for beginners as it is categorised according to levels. Bad thing is, you have to download the contents of the lesson as PDF files, and can't read them online. But the good thing is , it comes with audio files! So you can listen on how the word is being pronounced. It is really good for those who have IPAD or TouchPad or anything similar. You can download the file and read them on bus or whenever you are free without Internet connection. Moreover, it teaches much more than Park's Guide. They teach you from greetings to food and how a typical Koreans lifestyle.You can find out more on the blog so check it out!!

Sometimes when you are learning may it be language or science, you need a little push, a little inspiration. And I got JUST the remedy for you!

Hanguk Drama

I love this blog! This blog is created by a Singaporean not that it really matters. She is currently schooling in Korea University right now. So she will do blogging about her life over there and more about the Korean culture.You may pick up some inspiration from this blog and spice up your learning experience. Or perhaps.. it may discourage you instead of motivating you??!!

There are lots of such blog online but I am currently recommending you this one. If I find others just as good, I would recommend it.

For now, I am rushing my assignments and projects, and when it were all about to end.. exams start to draw near. ARGHHH!!!! That's soo irritating. Oh well, I guess I won't be blogging much.. although I am already not blogging much. >.<

Currently, I am juggling between my school work and studying for my test. 

This is what I am currently studying and I only showed you one page. I hope I can really advance up to further level. But let's just take one step at a time. Oh well... back to studying.

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