Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kiss the Radio

Have you guys heard of Kiss the Radio before?? 

Well if you haven't, let me introduce it to you!

Kiss the Radio is radio broadcasting section where famous Kpop idols Leeteuk and Eunhyuk from Superjunior co-host a radio show! The show starts at 9pm to 10 pm local time.

It is a famous radio show that you can not only listen to radio (like duh), but also watch them host live!! 

In the past, I will have to go http://www.livestream.com/foreverasia in order to watch the radio show. Even so, there are times when the live stream will lag and may not even move. Other times, I have to go somewhere therefore I might missed the show but with this..

TA DA!!!

I don't have to miss it at all! Not only it's portable, it has GREAT quality and it DOESN'T LAG! I can watch them in the bathroom, in cafeteria, kopitiam ANYWHERE!! Isn't it great?!

So why is the kiss the radio soo fascinating ?

Well it's because sometimes they will talk about some interesting topics, like how many dating experience they have, what funny incidents they have been through or even make fun of their own member. They may even have celebrities guest like KARA and Kim Hyun Joong!  These idols usually go on promotional activities whenever they make a comeback and they will always stop at KBS Kiss the Radio!

What's more interesting about this radio show?

Well.. it's because



Some screenshots, of them when they are hosting the show. 

So what if you don't understand what they are talking about? Don't worry, ELFs (Super Junior's Fans) will always translate and upload videos on youtube. Hee hEe, so all you have to do is to...



                                      TADA !!!!!
It's subbed!!! YEahhhhhhhHHH!

Well, this may also help to aid my Korean learning!! Since it is subbed. And if you want more, you can always type in "Sukira Kiss the Radio Eng subbed" and you can always find videos of them. If you are able to understand Mandarin, all the better! There are more videos on them! All the courtesy of China and Taiwan fans.. and even Singaporean fans! Thank you!!

So if you are free, don't hesitate to tune in and download the application! It will kill your boredom away!

And do you know that this radio station is broadcast in and open studio hence there are fans crowded around the studio to get a  peek of their idols. What's more amazing is that the studio is now made a tourist stopover!! So you will get tourists stopping over the station. OMG!! 

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