Friday, September 16, 2011

Japanese Buffet!

Have not been able to blog the past few days, it has been a tough week as I have project deadline, tests going on consequetively . I have three more projects to go, so I will take a short break today and continue to work hard tomorrow. Therefore , I just post a very short entry. Exams date are nearing too, so I must prepare!!

Anyway, I have been to the a wonderful place in Singapore. I didn't know such place exist until we have sort of a cousin lunch gathering . And what is this place I am talking about??

Japanese Buffet and there is...



There is also Sushi.. Udon, chawamushi and even desert!! The restuarant is very beautiful, it has each booth designed as a Japanese stall. Unlike other restuarnt which put up typical japanese light, japanese seating, this one is unique.

OMG, I never know of such wonderful place! What have I been doing these past few years? The shop is situated at Paragon, I don't know if they have other outlets but it's worth going! The price is quite average, an adult cost about ~$20 and if you add gst, if total up to ~$23. I mean, it's quite afforadble right. Unlike, sakae sushi, you may pay lesser buffet price but you don't get much variety. If you order Udon in Sakae, you may not have to pay extra or even if you go nihon mura though they are cheaper. So if you really want your money to be properly spent..

KISEKI is your choice!!

You don't need to keep on eating sushi, you can eat others too!

So if you guys want to try out something new.. KISEKI! Till then ~

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