Thursday, September 29, 2011

My bad attitude

Oh man , exams are really nearing just when I have more ideas on what to blog. Crappy !!!!!
I haven't been studying lately.. Bad girl! But wasn't exactly slacking off.. okay I'm contridicting myself. Been blogging these past few days and I run into this fabulous blog which focuses on langauges.

Creativity Japanese

She ( I believe) , is a Singaporean like the previous blog I mentioned. She mentioned a lot on her translation work, how she improve both her Korean and Japanese and recently she hightlighted some key points of languages. Her blog inspires me to learn my languages more dilligently. Let me explain my personality. As I have a little japanese background and a little korean knowledge, I realised that I have always learn these two languages with a lazy attitude. How so? Well, after my classes, I would not touch my textbook again until the next lesson or perhaps I would do a little revision before or after my lessons. Therefore, sometimes I would forget some of the grammer, words and the rules on sentence structure.

This blog kinds of stirred up some of my guilt. I have always felt a bit apologetic to myself. Being a Singaporean Chinese, my first language is English. And as you all know, English has become (arguably) a global language. In our soceity, English is more vastly used as the official language than our remaining three, Malay, Indian and Chinese.  We used English as a medium to learn Mathematics and other subjects; write legal/formal documents and converse in English. Therefore, I tend to focus more on English than my Mandarin yet , I am ashmaded to say that even though I practises my English on a more frequent basis, my English is still not up to standard, as you all can see from my writtings. But you know, life just don't work out the way you expect it to be. If you are not talented at it, there is just a ceiling you can reach.

Anyway, as I was saying, because I channeled more of my time in learning English, I neglected my Mandarin. So I have always thought that "Woah, why do I spend so much time learning Korean and Japanese but totally neglected my Mandarin, what's more is that I am a Chinese!" I did stocked up on some books that I was going to read but I never did so because of my lazy personality. So this blog kinda like pushes me to do what I had planned to do. And I am going to do it! Well.. after the exams.

I have also decided to change my learning attitude as learning a language , not to say two, is a tedious work. It requires LOTS of efforts and hardwork! I don't know whether I will succeed but I am going to give it a shot!

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