Thursday, February 16, 2012

Exams/ Assessment

I am pretty much busy these few weeks. I have assessments and exams. Thank god, two of the them were completed. But now I have one heavy weighted assignment to be completed plus mugging for my two important exams.

That's just my school work. I have also outside exams to be completed. And I am just hanging there.

Hope it will all turn out fine. But on the brighter side, I am going for SS4 this sunday Whippe~

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


 Job Posting
2 x event assistants / $7 per hour / beauty and skin care products / Marina Bay Sands / Tshirt provided + Black Pants + Black Covered Shoes
Working hours as follow:
26 Feb: 12pm to 5pm (no break)
27 Feb: 10am to 6.30pm (45 min break from 11.15am to 12pm)
28 Feb: 10am to 6.30pm (45min break from 11.15am to 12pm)
29 Feb: 10am to 6.30pm (45 min break from 11.15am to 12pm)
1 Mar: 10am to 1pm (no break)
SMS 8282 3457 (please include full name, age and brief working experience)
 Sometime, I wish I am less of a money slave. How I wish I can just plant a money-growing tree and  rid of of the troubles having to search for jobs or just the pain of deciding whether to accept a job offer whether if it is worth forgoing my leisure time or not. 

So many factors to consider. 

Yet, I can save all the pain by just leaving a desire-free life and continue to leech on my parents' money until I am out to the society. I will then not be able to splurge on delicious looking dresses, take up unnecessary education - such as learning a third language. Neither will I be able to buy ridiculously pricey concert tickets by some K-pop idols. I will have to stop Dreaming  about traveling to exotic places. Or even when I am buying a friend's birthday gift , I have to revert back to the miser I once was. All I have to do is to adopt a carefree and less material minded. 

But I can't! And there's no way I can be! (actually there is)

I want to feel the soft fabric brushing against my skin and the confidence swelling up in me when I think I look good.

I want to yell on top of my lungs for my favorite idol and cheer for him when he performs.
I want to be able to give expensive gifts- gifts that brightens up my friend's face when they open up my gift. (not that my friend's are that of a material mind but sometimes you need cash to let's say dine in a mediocre restaurant just to celebrate birthday. )

Most of all- 
I want to travel to places and see the great diversity of life , culture and the wonders of Earth. 
Must choose SIA. Local brand!
So I need to work just to spend more quality leisure time. What irony, be that what's life is. So what now? 
I will continue to contemplate whether should I accept that job or just slack at home. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chinese New Year

 As you guys know, last Monday was Chinese New Year. So during the Chinese New Year Eve, we will have reunion dinner and like the previous years, my uncle's family will be joining us for dinner. We had steamboat and as you can see. We have a lot of ingredients.

Look yummy right?! These photos were actually taken midway to dinner. So you can imagine we have lots more food than the ones shown here.

And of course we need to buy snacks and some other necessities!

This year's Chinese New Year was quite boring of me. I blame the age.
You just don't feel the excitement anymore.
Everything became very routine.
Thank God I didn't receive a lot of CNY questions which was a good thing. Because I wouldn't know how to reply them.

Nonetheless, I still have a reasonably good time. I did a lot of spring cleaning!
I hope next year I'll have a more of a good time.