Thursday, August 23, 2012

Singaporean Stars Debut Overseas

I wonder if you guys know this but I'm pretty sure those younger would know.

 And that is the 2 Singaporeans who participated in the Korean audition has finally made their debut! Initially there were 3 but one dropped out half-way.

So here they are :


I guess it must have been some years since their training. Honestly, I don't really like the song as it is really repetitive and I favour catchy and fast music more.

But I would just like to help them publicise a little , not that by me mentioning they will gain more awareness but just give a brief mention.

Initially, I'm quite skeptic whether if Singaporeans would actually made pass the audition and to my surprise some did. Then my next question would be "will they be good enough to debut" ?  I mean lots of young Singaporeans whine once they run into difficulties and complain when it gets tough but I'm just glad they made past all that.

It kinda shows that we youngsters wouldn't as weak as the elders thought we are.

I got more touched when I saw them on the music bank and I was like WOAH!

I mean you usually sees Super Junior , GG and some big stars performing on stage and there they are! Right there! On that stage!

So it's not the Singaporeans have absolutely no talent, it's more of we shine more when we are overseas. Or maybe that the opportunities offered here isn't really that great.

Look at some of our International Stars:

Stephanie Sun
JJ Lin
Fann Wong
 (I know what your thinking.. Fann Wong? Hey , she made it into Hollywood and has found all around the globe so don't underestimate her)

I know I'm missing out others such as Kelly Poon or Chai Cun Jia and etc But I'll just put those more popular ones. 

And we have Singaporeans debuting in Japan. Though, they are not that well known due to the Kwave.


 I like their songs as compared to Skarf as their songs are much livelier. But I guess that's just Japanese style. And it's thrilling to know that their song was used as an ending theme in a Popular Anime "Card Fight!! Vanguard"

It must been hard to leave the comforts of home and to train overseas. And it gets harder when you are feeling low and there's no one to cry to.

Even though I still have some reservation on how popular they will get but I really hope they would prove me and the other Singaporeans wrong. (Don't act blur, you guys also have the same thoughts as me hor! ) Go out and SWORN the world! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tiny Spot

Whenever people think of the place they would go for a cycle or a small gathering, Pasir Ris or East Coast Park would come straight into their minds. Perhaps Silso and Palawan beach for the more wealthier ones. I guess the reason for their popularity is due to their close proximity to touristy attractions and chalets. People love to go to exciting and happening places and therefore these places were all now crowded. It's difficult to cycle constantly without braking for somebody to cross or prevent yourself from knocking into them.

But if you are still keen in finding a spot for a cycle with nice beach and just a little crowd, then Punggol Promenade would be the perfect choice for you!

I firstly laid my eyes on this tiny spot when I happened to see this place in a show. It was just a fifteen minutes scene where the MCs wee  trying to guess where they were and then proceed on their scavenger hunt. I find the place quite beautiful and thus took some time off to check it out.

Boy, I was not disappointed!. I cycled to my heart's content and explored its tiny beach. There were people there but it was so much less crowded then Pasir Ris. It was already dusk and the sun was going to set. The sky was a bluish pink and the scene was just awesome. Quickly, I fished out my camera phone to take down the beautiful sight.
This is a nice photo as there were no people there to block out the view. The were all in fact, behind me. Heehe.

As Malaysia is just opposite, there were frequent patrols in the sea and you can see little speedboats circling around. As the sun set, the lights lit up. The industry next shore transformed into a flight of fireflies, just that they were rainbows instead of yellow. Too bad my phone doesn't have the strength to capture the view .
Overall , its a nice getaways and I heard they were planning to open up chalets there. In fact, they already had some of the houses built. There were not too many of them, so when it opens, the place may be more livelier.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Garden By The Bay (Bay South)

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed.

It didn't seem soo interesting at all. Maybe because I have high expectations. I mean just look at the artist impression of Garden by the Bay released by the press. They were like a heaven and earth apart.

Source: Channel News Asia

The artist impression photo seems to give out a more jungle-like and futuristic feeling but in the actual place, it doesn't feel like it. More like another Botanic Garden. I know I shouldn't take the artist impression photo for real, it's just an impression. Well, it just ...unconsciously raised my expectations.

I admit the trees do seem amazing and the Garden is just half completed, plus I didn't include the two conservatoires into my examining criteria. So maybe the awesomeness of those two ( I'm assuming it is since I didn't go in), would make it up.

I hope the other part of the Garden would be more awesome. My suggestion is to build some hand on areas where visitors can participate. Don't need it to be something exquisite , but something we all enjoy. Can be really simple.

If you are interested you can access this place by MRT or walk from some near by place.

By MRT :
Take to Bayfront Station.
First you take to Marina Bay station then you switch to the circle line. (Just one station)

By Foot:
If you are living in the Integrated Resorts Hotel, just make your way up to the highest level, there's a link way for you to walk to.
Otherwise , if you are coming from the like say Marina Square, walk through the Helix Bridge. Go into the IR , locate where the convention rooms were, then look for escalators that lead to the highest level. You can walk all the way to the Garden by the Bay.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Getting a NDP ticket to any of the previews or the actual show is as difficult as striking a lottery, especially ever since they shifted to the floating platform.


Because they number of seats available has decreased and therefore the probability of getting the tickets decrease as well. 

After denied of the opportunity to celebrate National Day, I 've finally gotten a chance to go watch NDP preview!! My cousin gotten free tickets and was willingly to share with me, so of course I'm really elated!

It was my first time sitting at the floating platform.

The backdrop view of Integrated Resorts and Singapore River was spectacular. But unfortunately, it started pouring and we have to miss out some parts of the show like the parachuting event.

It was more frustrating when people sitting in front of you took out umbrellas when they were wearing raincoats blocking 70% of your view. Too bad for my friend, her view was blocked 90%

The show was awesome, not because the performance was superb , I mean it was good but the awesome factor was that, they were able to make you feel all-the-sudden patriotic and emotional.

You suddenly feel teary and proud of being part of this tiny nation who has struggled through thick and thin and has now managed to become an internationally worthy metropolis.

When the national anthem was played, everybody rose and sang the national anthem though mostly the loudest singers were the children. It was such a emotional scene because usually some people don't even bother to rise. 

I admit that I wasn't really very patriotic, about 60%? But, I do feel proud of being a Singaporean, no matter how much I find some parts of her irritating.

You just can't help but love your own motherland.

By the way, the night view was awesome!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

How to fall into a slumber more easily?

I have troubles falling asleep and to cure this I have tried zillions of methods. I google them, I looked up for healthy lifestyle books in the library, Google some more. And after much efforts done, I have finally found the right solutions to my problem! Hooray!

So I know some of you guys out there share the same trouble as I do. Therefore, I'm here to share with you what methods worked and those that don't- at least for me. 

1. Music

After searching for remedies on the Internet and having tried them out. Music is one of the ways to get you into sleep. Not any kind of music. It must be a relaxing one , something to smooth you down and not make you break into a dance. Classical music would be a good choice. If not jazz is pretty good too, just that make sure it isn't loud or anything. I tried for a month and there were a few occasion that it didn't work but so far 70% of the time it did.

If you do not have any classical music discs or not willing to splurge on one, just use the radio. I always tune in to Symphony 92.4 and let it play all the way till when I wake up.

2. Herbal Foot Pad

 I'm not trying to suggest any brand here. But these really helps in falling asleep. I bought mine at the Gmarket which was pretty cheap compared to retail's. Plus, it helps in removing toxin from your body. All you have to do is to just stick it on your feet when you go to sleep. When you wake up the next morning, the foot pad turned black. It will subsequently fade away if you try for a week. Works 80% of the time- tried a week.

You can try Watsons or Guardian. They should have it. Or else get it cheaply from Gmarket. Took around 2 weeks for it to arrive though. 

 3. Medicine



This medicine here was prescribed to me by a Chinese physician. It's a Chinese medicine. 36 capsules a bottle. Supposedly it has no side effects. 2 tablets thrice a day. I was able to sleep more soundly. Tried for 2 weeks, works perfectly 85%. I was a bit skeptic when I was introduced to this. But, it worked somehow so I'm going to continue until I am able to fall asleep more easily without any help.

4. Warm Bath

Take a warm bath before going to sleep. It calms your nerves down. It will be easier to fall into sleep. Tried for a few times, don't always work but it's really a good feeling. I washes away all your weariness and you'll feel a bit more refresh. 


That's my top 4 working list. I'm still exploring for other alternatives but these so far work the best. Let me know if these methods work for you or suggest more ideas! That would be even better