Thursday, August 23, 2012

Singaporean Stars Debut Overseas

I wonder if you guys know this but I'm pretty sure those younger would know.

 And that is the 2 Singaporeans who participated in the Korean audition has finally made their debut! Initially there were 3 but one dropped out half-way.

So here they are :


I guess it must have been some years since their training. Honestly, I don't really like the song as it is really repetitive and I favour catchy and fast music more.

But I would just like to help them publicise a little , not that by me mentioning they will gain more awareness but just give a brief mention.

Initially, I'm quite skeptic whether if Singaporeans would actually made pass the audition and to my surprise some did. Then my next question would be "will they be good enough to debut" ?  I mean lots of young Singaporeans whine once they run into difficulties and complain when it gets tough but I'm just glad they made past all that.

It kinda shows that we youngsters wouldn't as weak as the elders thought we are.

I got more touched when I saw them on the music bank and I was like WOAH!

I mean you usually sees Super Junior , GG and some big stars performing on stage and there they are! Right there! On that stage!

So it's not the Singaporeans have absolutely no talent, it's more of we shine more when we are overseas. Or maybe that the opportunities offered here isn't really that great.

Look at some of our International Stars:

Stephanie Sun
JJ Lin
Fann Wong
 (I know what your thinking.. Fann Wong? Hey , she made it into Hollywood and has found all around the globe so don't underestimate her)

I know I'm missing out others such as Kelly Poon or Chai Cun Jia and etc But I'll just put those more popular ones. 

And we have Singaporeans debuting in Japan. Though, they are not that well known due to the Kwave.


 I like their songs as compared to Skarf as their songs are much livelier. But I guess that's just Japanese style. And it's thrilling to know that their song was used as an ending theme in a Popular Anime "Card Fight!! Vanguard"

It must been hard to leave the comforts of home and to train overseas. And it gets harder when you are feeling low and there's no one to cry to.

Even though I still have some reservation on how popular they will get but I really hope they would prove me and the other Singaporeans wrong. (Don't act blur, you guys also have the same thoughts as me hor! ) Go out and SWORN the world! 

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