Monday, August 20, 2012

Tiny Spot

Whenever people think of the place they would go for a cycle or a small gathering, Pasir Ris or East Coast Park would come straight into their minds. Perhaps Silso and Palawan beach for the more wealthier ones. I guess the reason for their popularity is due to their close proximity to touristy attractions and chalets. People love to go to exciting and happening places and therefore these places were all now crowded. It's difficult to cycle constantly without braking for somebody to cross or prevent yourself from knocking into them.

But if you are still keen in finding a spot for a cycle with nice beach and just a little crowd, then Punggol Promenade would be the perfect choice for you!

I firstly laid my eyes on this tiny spot when I happened to see this place in a show. It was just a fifteen minutes scene where the MCs wee  trying to guess where they were and then proceed on their scavenger hunt. I find the place quite beautiful and thus took some time off to check it out.

Boy, I was not disappointed!. I cycled to my heart's content and explored its tiny beach. There were people there but it was so much less crowded then Pasir Ris. It was already dusk and the sun was going to set. The sky was a bluish pink and the scene was just awesome. Quickly, I fished out my camera phone to take down the beautiful sight.
This is a nice photo as there were no people there to block out the view. The were all in fact, behind me. Heehe.

As Malaysia is just opposite, there were frequent patrols in the sea and you can see little speedboats circling around. As the sun set, the lights lit up. The industry next shore transformed into a flight of fireflies, just that they were rainbows instead of yellow. Too bad my phone doesn't have the strength to capture the view .
Overall , its a nice getaways and I heard they were planning to open up chalets there. In fact, they already had some of the houses built. There were not too many of them, so when it opens, the place may be more livelier.
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