Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Getting a NDP ticket to any of the previews or the actual show is as difficult as striking a lottery, especially ever since they shifted to the floating platform.


Because they number of seats available has decreased and therefore the probability of getting the tickets decrease as well. 

After denied of the opportunity to celebrate National Day, I 've finally gotten a chance to go watch NDP preview!! My cousin gotten free tickets and was willingly to share with me, so of course I'm really elated!

It was my first time sitting at the floating platform.

The backdrop view of Integrated Resorts and Singapore River was spectacular. But unfortunately, it started pouring and we have to miss out some parts of the show like the parachuting event.

It was more frustrating when people sitting in front of you took out umbrellas when they were wearing raincoats blocking 70% of your view. Too bad for my friend, her view was blocked 90%

The show was awesome, not because the performance was superb , I mean it was good but the awesome factor was that, they were able to make you feel all-the-sudden patriotic and emotional.

You suddenly feel teary and proud of being part of this tiny nation who has struggled through thick and thin and has now managed to become an internationally worthy metropolis.

When the national anthem was played, everybody rose and sang the national anthem though mostly the loudest singers were the children. It was such a emotional scene because usually some people don't even bother to rise. 

I admit that I wasn't really very patriotic, about 60%? But, I do feel proud of being a Singaporean, no matter how much I find some parts of her irritating.

You just can't help but love your own motherland.

By the way, the night view was awesome!

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