Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Since Christmas

I don't have New Year resolution and don't really have the habit of writing one.

But I can give an update of what I have done for the past two months.

Have been growing seeds on off for the past one year and so far all the seeds that I have sowed died off after 1 month even though it did sprout and grew to about 5 cm.

After gathering some advice, I have decided to change the location of the pot and to increase the success rate, I planted more seeds than before. Instead of one, I would use 2/3.

The first few weeks when the first shoot appeared, I crossed my fingers hoping 'this time it would work'. And so after like one month, it seems like not only did it work but I had over succeed. I mean the saplings are now a bit more sturdy and independent, but.. somehow the number of plants seems to doubled!

I remember clearly where I have planted the seeds and even though I did put in more of them, it wasn't this many!! So I guess it most those seeds that I have planted before which I thought they had failed (because they didn't sprout after a few weeks) and had now grow because of my supposed increased concern. Didn't know seeds can hibernate that long. Let's just hope this batch would work. I am already making plans to move some of the older ones out of the nursery and into its own pot.

Meanwhile, somehow I became more popular in the tutoring industry. I had received more calls and queries about the fee and timing. I know some are referred by my existing tutee's parents while others are from no where or referred by parents who I don't even know. 

So you can say, I have lots of assignments on my hands now and I even have to reject some of the assignments because I just couldn't commit no matter how much I want to. 

But no matter how I try, the income earned just don't seem to exceed a certain threshold. Hmm.. which I really want to. 

I guess I had made quite a reputation of myself however, I wouldn't know if this reputation is good or bad and will it benefit as it does now.

There are quite a lot of changes I had made during these two months, and those above two were just few of them. 

I had also managed to successfully pass my TOPIK Level 2!! Hooray?

Honestly, the score wasn't that fantastic so I didn't show but I'm glad I sat for it. It means that I am a bit more closer to what I want to achieve- fluency in Korean. So far I'm only in beginner level, which is a bit upsetting since I had learnt for almost three years now on off. Therefore, my friend suggested going for Topik 3/4 this coming April. And they are changing the format really soon and we are still in the midst of learning. So strike the iron while its hot. 

I guess its pretty much like this for now.

But I have several plans in line now and hopefully I get to realise them. And if I'm done, I will blog. :)