Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sophie Kinsella

You know I'm really a big fan of Sophie Kinsella.

Ever since I was twelve I had been a big fan of hers. I remember when I first read her book. It was "The Dreamworld of a Shopaholic". It was during a book convention and I was looking for a book or two. That day, my whole family was at Suntec Book convention (after I screamed and cried and yelled) and we were all scattered throughout the hall glancing at the books they had to offer. My Dad allowed me to purchase two books, since I am a big book fan. However, throughout my search I realised some of these books are too adult for me. Half the time they were either old books or they were of uninteresting genres.

I didn't had any strong urge to purchase any book but you know... such a offer is hard to come by plus the books were sooo cheap!! $6 per book!! Usually they were three times more!! So I tried my best to dig for something that I would like and I eventually found two.. which eventually were both made into movies later. One was the Shopaholic book .. the other was Ella Enchanted. (I had good eyes..!! I hope that apply to man as well but AHEM! nevermind...)

Anyway, I was hooked and then forth started to purchase its subsequent series.. in fact I had the WHOLE Series.. and even bought her standalone. They were SUCH a good read. I had fun reading them, and each book I would had re-read them at least thrice!

Being her fan, you don't know how elated I was when she published the Shopaholic and Sister and subsequently the baby and Mini Shopaholic.

It was all good until recently I stopped reading her books. Ever since I had some sneak peeks of her then recently published book "I've Got Your Number", my interest plummeted.

I gave that book a total skip, and then it was the "Wedding Night". I had just read it. And it wasn't like her Sophie Kinsella style. This one was a bit more adult. It was more of a Madeleine Wickham type of book. I didn't read Madeleine's series but I do sneak a few peek and the story was more of a married person's life or people who have already reached a certain mature age.

Sure , she still keeps her comical writing, her funny side. But I guess the personality of the characters were a bit too.. over, dramatic. This is a story yes, but it's too unbelievable.

Plus I like to see a little courtship going on. Like in her previous books. It's a lighter read and and more simple (I mean in relationship, contained- "Remember Me?" was good).

I don't know.. maybe because I'm of a younger age and those adult-like lifestyle is difficult for me to comprehend.

So.. I'm now giving the her books the cold shoulder now. But I really hope the next one would be one I would like.

P.S The haze now is killing me ! Stupid Sumatra and your inefficient government. Act responsibly please!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Snail Facial Mask

If you guys are any facial mask user.. (of course you are!), you would have heard of snail related facial products.

I know it isn't a new thing, but the idea of using snail mucus to moisturize your skin is soooooooo unappealing. Sure that its mucus is a super hydrating solution. But it doesn't change the fact that it is gross!

Can you image?

Putting this


Of course you can! People do it, right...?

Well.. anyway.

My first exposure to this exotic thing is when I was randomly shopping at the last year and this huge advert was right smacked in the front page decorated so prettily and tempting.

Boy, was I gobsmacked !

The immediate responses that came flashing across my mind was..

"what the hell? Is this the new thing?"

"Have they gone out of things to work on?"

"My god seriously?"

Then of course I went to google for more information and to see how incredible this was ..and the words I got were... "replenishes moisture" "regenerative" , "good for you skin"; "anti-ageing"; "antioxidants"; "acne treatment".

And... that did sound pretty amazing. It's like it has all these beauty functions all wrapped up in one tiny drop of mucus.

So apparently,  this thing had been used by the Greek ages ago and now they readopting this technology. So cosmetic industries now are latching to this idea to either vie for more market share or lose it.

It really doesn't concern me because I know for sure that I wasn't going to use it.. anytime soon.. or in the future.

Until my Aunt got me one as a souvenir from her Korea Trip.


Yeah Right.

My policy is not to waste any stuffs that are functional and are of good use especially those that are brand new. And this facial mask that she fulfills all the criteria.

So, I can't just throw it away. Unless I got someone who I can give it to and will put it into efficient use.


I am going to pray that this person will turn out soon.. but meanwhile I will just leave it in the fridge.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Holidays Hhheeerreee..

Well, borrowed loads of Chinese books.. mostly are Confucianism, in comic .

But of course, I did borrowed some other non-pictorial Confucianism books.


So after reading most of them.. there's only one conclusion I can derived.


(Lols, just kidding learnt a lot but also got a bit confused sometime)