Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sophie Kinsella

You know I'm really a big fan of Sophie Kinsella.

Ever since I was twelve I had been a big fan of hers. I remember when I first read her book. It was "The Dreamworld of a Shopaholic". It was during a book convention and I was looking for a book or two. That day, my whole family was at Suntec Book convention (after I screamed and cried and yelled) and we were all scattered throughout the hall glancing at the books they had to offer. My Dad allowed me to purchase two books, since I am a big book fan. However, throughout my search I realised some of these books are too adult for me. Half the time they were either old books or they were of uninteresting genres.

I didn't had any strong urge to purchase any book but you know... such a offer is hard to come by plus the books were sooo cheap!! $6 per book!! Usually they were three times more!! So I tried my best to dig for something that I would like and I eventually found two.. which eventually were both made into movies later. One was the Shopaholic book .. the other was Ella Enchanted. (I had good eyes..!! I hope that apply to man as well but AHEM! nevermind...)

Anyway, I was hooked and then forth started to purchase its subsequent series.. in fact I had the WHOLE Series.. and even bought her standalone. They were SUCH a good read. I had fun reading them, and each book I would had re-read them at least thrice!

Being her fan, you don't know how elated I was when she published the Shopaholic and Sister and subsequently the baby and Mini Shopaholic.

It was all good until recently I stopped reading her books. Ever since I had some sneak peeks of her then recently published book "I've Got Your Number", my interest plummeted.

I gave that book a total skip, and then it was the "Wedding Night". I had just read it. And it wasn't like her Sophie Kinsella style. This one was a bit more adult. It was more of a Madeleine Wickham type of book. I didn't read Madeleine's series but I do sneak a few peek and the story was more of a married person's life or people who have already reached a certain mature age.

Sure , she still keeps her comical writing, her funny side. But I guess the personality of the characters were a bit too.. over, dramatic. This is a story yes, but it's too unbelievable.

Plus I like to see a little courtship going on. Like in her previous books. It's a lighter read and and more simple (I mean in relationship, contained- "Remember Me?" was good).

I don't know.. maybe because I'm of a younger age and those adult-like lifestyle is difficult for me to comprehend.

So.. I'm now giving the her books the cold shoulder now. But I really hope the next one would be one I would like.

P.S The haze now is killing me ! Stupid Sumatra and your inefficient government. Act responsibly please!

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