Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This is your long waited Malaysia Trip Summary. I forgot what bus we took. And it has been years since I used bus to travel to Malaysia, like about five years? Their inside design has changed quite a lot. This is quite the cheapo bus we board on. There's lots of space and it even has cabin like aeroplanes. But we didn't use it.

After like half a day of travel, we finally reached the capital of Malaysia. And the first thing we do is.... check in hotel lah. As we went Korea last last year, we are all broke so we went Malaysia. When I mean broke.. is we are really penniless. We didn't check in into any five star hotel instead a so called THREE STAR HOTEL. BUT TO ME.. IT'S LIKE ONE STAR LOR. SOOO CHEAPO. Don't believe? See for yourself. And I complained the others hotel that I went before are very cheapo. This is the real cheapo one. Present tense.. it is STILL CHEAPO! What horrified me was very hotel including this one... was fully booked.

The lobby is smaller than my whole flat which shouldn't be the case.
The Toliet was super small. The bathtube was just beside the toliet bowl and it's super dirty that I don't dare lie on it. So throughout the two day I stand while bathing. A bit dangerous as it was quite slippery.

The first time me and my sis walked in.. we were like..
What the F. Damn cheapo leh. Wah lau.

You know what I mean and how I feel when I see this.
There's eight room per level and there's only five floor. First day, we went shopping at the Times Square. Got quite a lot of cheap bargain. It's shop till you drop. We went back to the hotel quite late. And as usual, we have our cousin meeting in the boys' room. At night.

It's like a roller coaster ride. So scary and the rail was so small. It was also very packed so I was very worried that the train may fall. CREEPY! But that was the quickest and cheapest way to the twin tower.
I took this from far far away. I went inside of one of the tower however we have to get number in order to go to the top of the tower. We can only go in at 5 pm so as usual we went shopping. When it's almost time.. we give up on the idea of going up. At night, we have round two of the meeting. My uncle bought a balloon in support of the red ribbion. "Like giving a second chance to aids?" We give it to my cousin who in turn give in to my brother. My cousins they took turn to suck the helium in the ballon so when they speak it was like of a duck. We were laughing and playing. So funny.
The next day we went up to Genting. On the way we went to this temple. I forgot what it's name. Anyway I took a look at the eighteen stories of hell. And I know I will be going into one level for Wasting food.
This can cab bore the number 261. My cousin the one who got the balloon got 261 for his PSLE so everyone in my neighbourhood called him 261. Apparantly, his friend's mom go tell everyone that he got 261. Actually my aunt (the one who taught me maths) and mum and me thought he will be getting about 27++ but anyway. His still good.
We book a family suite. One room with two bedroom. I want to brighter room but mum lah.. so in the end my sis and I ended up in the darker room. Afterwards we went outdoor to play. I went to play the roller coasters with my cousin (the guy who was of same age as me). His like the only one who will play those dangerous ride with my sister and I. I won't like feel weird or inferior because I know his way better than me. And he knows he is. (arghh.. blahblah) But we just don't care lor.
In the end the roller coaster ride was no kick. We went back to the hotel quite late. The next day all my aunts and uncles INCLUDING my parents went to...
The genting's IR. No need me to say so direct right.
So all the cousin gathered in my room. Big and spacious mah. The television was in front of my bedroom and the soda was on the left of my bed. So they were watching television others playing PSP. I was sleeping. Half asleep. After that .. home.
The bus way back home was DAMN boring. But when we are going down the hill. I feel like vomiting so the moment we stop, and there's shop. I went in and buy two packets of sour plum. Kiasu... I know.
The rest of the journey was quite fine. Although I have to entertain a five year old kid. His mother's a china woman but his a singaporean. You get the full pic. Once again..
Home Sweet Home.