Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Munch! Munch!

I'm in a munching mode right now.  Munching books as you can guess from the tittle.

I have been busy preparing for my exams, but now that exam period is over, I can at least loosen up a bit.

What I meant by a bit is that majority of my time now is occupied by my work, leaving me with a small amount of time to relax and enjoy.

Sooo Yes...

Being the typical kiasu and kiasi Singaporean, I have successfully landed myself a job way before the commencement of the exam (actually the HR from my previous job called me up), just before the job rush whereby the 'A', 'O' Levels plus the polytechnics and Uni undergrads will all compete with each other in a heated fight for job.


Not really. Even if I did not received the call, there are plenty of vacancies out there, especially since now is the Christmas festive period. Besides, they are still plenty of jobs available for grab even though it's been a week after the exam period across the levels.  As long as you don't be overly picky, I'm certain that there will be opportunity knocking at your door

To be honest, I kind of regret my decision of accepting the job because now and then, I see better job offers posting everywhere else. As the saying goes "Good things come to those who waits". Me, who rushed into things, missed out on the better opportunities. Therefore, making me wanna kick my self at the back for being overly Kiasu.

So back to the munching part. After being parted with my beloved hobby for so long, I decided it's time I pick up the reading habit back. Especially,  since my concentration level is gradually increasing and I get restless easily over things, like reading my textbook which I used to find it quite alright. Hopefully, reading will increase my focus ability.

During the last two papers, Dad flew to China for a short business trip so I had him bought Chinese books while he was there. My friend told me that books there were tremendously cheap! What we got here is a three quarter less there. So I thought, why not make use of this golden opportunity!

When I first knew that he was flying over, I didn't really have any books that I wanted to buy. But the cheap  pricing makes it irresistible for me, that if I don't pounce on this chance, I would probably regret. Hence, I frantically rummaged through my brain, to squeeze out whatever author or recommendation that I have come across which I may fancy. Eventually, I managed to squeeze out 7 book tittles.

I wrote him a list and there he went, poof ! And back home with 5 of the books I wanted. It is really touching to know that he specially went out of his way to go book shopping for me, even though he was there for a short and rushed 3 days trip. I didn't hold much hope at first for he had forewarned me that he might not have the time. Still... here they are, all wrapped and yummy looking.

I am sure they look pretty familiar with some of you guys.

The thicker ones contains 2 books each. I had gobbled up the one in the center and now, I can't wait to finish the others.

I would have to thank my auntie-ness character ( being price conscious and jumping at any chance of a cost saving), if not I would have missed out such good books!

It's been sooo long since I have last sit myself down and enjoy a good read. For the past 3 years, the books that I read were textbooks or lecture notes. 

And then, the shopping bug got me. I became a little addicted to buying of books. I wanted more! I wanted to see more Chinese books on my bookshelves, sitting there waiting eagerly for me to devour them.


 I went on to buy 2 more Chinese books at the popular book fair. Heheh

But you know, shopping is a girl's worst nemesis.

It's like a drug. The more you consume, the more hooked you are. So the more I read, the more un-contented I am. Because, the books that I'm left to read decrease.


This time thicker!

See that? Been meaning to read the classics as I have always been reading the children's version. I wanted to to read more in depth and pick up what has been left out from the children's version. PLUS IT'S ONLY $12++ FOR THAT HUGE BOOK!!! AND AND AND I DON'T NEED TO PAY A CENT! ( Dad paid for it.. hahahaaha)


 (ya I know, sound so auntie)

There are still books that I wanted to buy, but earn money first heehe..

*stomach growls*
Okay back to munching~