Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Deal with Time

I am 21.

Last year in College.

Had several job experiences.

Found myself adjusting to the current environment.

And is just starting to learn the way adults think and act.

But one thing I didn't manage to get it sink into my head, is that I'm of a legal age of marriage.

Not a big deal right? I mean accustoming to the environment needs time and time is what I have right now. I mean I'm 21, there's still a long way to the 'ideal' age (my ideal age) of marriage-. No hurry. We can take it slowly, and that's what I have been comforting myself with when some of my friends pops out of nowhere with a "HEY! I'M GETTING MARRIED" or a change in facebook status and bombard your news feed with tons of photos of their newborn child.

What's worst is that there are not just one, two but A BUNCH of my friends or who I know.

Like Seriously? And most of them are around my age! Or exactly the same! I cannot accept this... especially when I'm just settled on the thought of being an adult and now you tell me I can be a mum. I KNOW in ancient time I would now easily been a mother of 3-4 children. BUT I'm not in ancient times.

This is just sooo scary. The responsibility that you will have to shoulder, the change of martial status and suddenly you have to be so grown up, because you don't live for yourself anymore. You have a child to support and you who have or have not completed the whole education system now has to prepare your child for it.

Honestly, I have my skepticism on early marriage, especially when you are young, don't have a sound job and is still living under your parents

If you still live under the care of your parents, I don't know about if you can provide for your child.

I don't mean to be a damper but well, we are young. We haven't been through what they call the 'rough times". We don't exactly know how to handle stuffs. We haven't seen the world. And people change with time. The way we see things now will vary from when we see things in the future. So will our personality.

And wait, things will get tougher.. bills will pile up because when you grow , your needs increase.

You know what I'm getting to it and I really don't want to say any further.

So seriously, don't expect me to give comfort or give nice comments about this. Because I just can't.

With all being said.. I'm back to getting accustomed to my age.. Hmm..