Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Year of 2014

The Year 2014 has finally come to an end.

It's time to reflect back on what I have done right and wrong.

This year has been a year full of transitions. I have been through different stages of life all in one go which is a good and bad thing. Bad thing is that, because of the constant changes, I had a hard time (and still am) trying to find my balance and settle into my environment. By that I mean adjusting my body and sleeping hours to suit the momentum as well as mentally hypnotise myself that I am no longer a student but a working adult. Good thing is, I saved lots of time. Instead of spending a year for each transition, I do it in one go.

Normally, fresh graduates will spend a few months after being out of school, to relax before flying off for their graduation trip. Then, after their graduation trip, spend another couple of months partying before settling down on a job. So the process can take about a year plus.

For me it isn't.

First Four Months

I was in my final semester and was stressing for my projects.  I can't recall what modules I took because it seems AGES ago but I was really angst about the project and worried if I can graduate successfully. If I didn't manage to clear all my modules, my graduation trip due in two months time would be cancelled, I will have to attend next year's graduation ceremony instead of this year without my friends plus, job search would have to start next year.

Finally had my ABRSM theory exams in March, one that have been dragged for ages.

I sat for my final exams in May and then after that was the anxious wait for the release of results.

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Due to my incredible splurging habit, I predict know that I would more or less exceed the budget I had set aside for myself for the upcoming graduation trip, so I got myself a part time job to save up a bit more before I fly at the end of June. Even though it was my last school holiday, I didn't managed to rest as much as I wanted to.

Mid June my results came out. My grades wasn't that fantastic, but on the bright side, I managed to graduate successfully!

I have also managed to save up more than my budget to go on my grad trip.

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Last week of June, I finally flew to the land of KPop and started my first and last overseas exchange program.

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Made new friends who unsurprisingly came from Singapore but managed to befriend some of the locals.

Travelled to Busan which is another province of South Korea and had a blast!

Finished our project that we have been struggling to complete, but actually it doesn't really matter since we don't gain any credits for it.

On the last week of July, I finally went to the country I have been wanting to go FOR YEARS.
As it was summer and the hottest period of the year, the scenery wasn't as spectacular as I thought it would be. 

It was a major disappointment.

Not because I didn't get to see Japan in its most spectacular period but because several things had not meet my expectations.

This Japan trip has been on my list for as long as I remember but when I finally reached the land of the rising sun, I was slapped real hard by reality.

I realised I had been living in a fantasy that those Anime and Manga I read, have been feeding me with. It has been romanticised. In fact, Japan was pretty much like Korea and Singapore. Looking back I realised I have always been portraying Japan as another realm. 

Nonetheless, I still want to go back to Japan in another season, visiting its other province. 


Convocation! My graduation ceremony. 

I am finally a graduate!

After 3 years of worrying and struggling, I finally made it!

I was back from my graduation trip on the first week of August just in time to try out my graduation regalia and celebrate National Day.

My teaching schedule resumes and I'm busy once more. This time I didn't take up any part time job. However, I still don't have time to slack around because I was busy job hunting.

Going interviews to interviews was hard and demoralising especially when one of my Uni friend already gotten herself a job. She too, just came back from Korea but in my defence, she started her search at least a week earlier.

Thank god, after three weeks later that I received a call back and was offered a full-time job.

September- December 

Officially started my working life and here I am now, working my ass off.

So far so good, nothing too life threatening and unpleasant.

Even though working life is exhausting and irritating, I had a great time during this period. In fact,  I managed to fulfil one of my goals that I had initially set for the upcoming year. It was merely pure luck.

Long story cut short, I decided to give X and wrote in knowing that I will not get it as for the past few years they have not been replying back. Well who knows, the deal went through!

I was really elated! That means that my goal is now complete!


To sum it up, I really had a good year amidst the several transitions that I have to go through.
I managed to tick off several of the resolutions that I had set myself last year this period which is good sense of achievement.

I will be writing up my resolution for the new year as well, but at a later date.

I really wish I would have a better 2015 and I hope you guys managed to tick off several of your last year's resolutions as well!

Happy New Year!