Friday, December 7, 2007

This Way to Hong Kong Disneyland my dear viewers!
I have finally reached HongKong Disney! My dream! At first we aren't extending our trip in Hongkong so I thought all hopes are lost but my mother can't bear to afford Tokyo Disney as well as another trip to Hong Kong so our family agreed to bring us there. Lady Luck was with us as we have sufficient time to go Disney!

(Confused? Okay let me explain. En route to Korea and back from Korea, we will transit in Hong Kong. So on the way back to Singapore, we were to spend one day or two in HK. I thought, it may be good to make use of this opportunity to vist Disneyland.At first my relatives and my parents were a bit hesitant, but they eventually give in because they figured it actually is quite worth it as we won't need to waste another trip. So we used up the day in HongKong to go Disneyland)

I'm Diasy Duck!
It's all about mickey!

We went to all rides from tomorrow land to adventure land.

The space ride was awesome. It was pitch dark and many lighting were used to draw comets... stars!

Fantasy Land. That's Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)'s castle. It looked big right? Actually, it's not. The one in USA is much bigger!
We had lunch at Fantasyland. The food was okay but the price is S$11. The whole dinning room has portrait of several princesses and princes. There's statue of beauty and the beast dancing, Sleeping Beauty and Prince dancing and Cinderella Dancing. I haven got the picture from cousin but when I do... I will post them here.
I managed to catch the parade and it was awesome! All the princess were out.
The funny thing is there are many Caucasian there. I wonder why? Can't afford US/ TOKYO? Can't be.
The souvenirs were damn expensive I couldn't afford but I managed to buy a S$30 necklace. Hehe! It was nice!
And that's my favorite photo! The whole ten of us (cousins) in Disney!
HongKong Disneyland is very small. I hope to go Egypt next time. But I wouldn't be going aboard next year. Which is a good year since I have nothing to worry about, no stress and 0 level is over. But money constraint soo.. sad~

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P.s : Edited on 12/03/2012. This blog post is at least five years old. Some parts were edited and others were left to convey the feelings of that time. Meant for leisure reading, should it help you in your planning of itinery, would be great. Otherwise, refrain from using this as a main reference. 




FIVE! I woke up at five in the morning just to catch the eight o’clock plane. How wonderful! I washed up, changed into long sleeves and was ready for the flight. We booked the taxi just last minute, last night. And hell the luggage was last minute too. I mean we finished packing at the last minut.

We were the first among our family to reach the airport and I was feeling quite excited. I am always a little lag in emotions... so… forgive me. The rest of the family reached about some five minutes later.
The same procedure repeats and that is… looking for the Singapore tour guide. We checked in our luggage, followed by passport  and was ready to go. I guess we went in the depature hall quite late as the gate was already opened, so we were quite anxious and just at this point of time Yongs (my 1 yr younger cousin) had to go to toilet for ‘big business’. Not that we blamed him, when Nature calls you just have to go. So adding to our anxiousness, people were starting to board the plane and Yongs has yet to cleanse his bowel. But thank god we managed to get in.

It was a whole three hours flight. I watched Evan Almighty on board and one thing I was not satisfied was that they broadcast the movies all at the same timing ( I mean at different channels) and you cannot forward nor rewind the movie. So in the end, you have to make up a choice to watch only ONE movie. After that you can’t watch other as they have long ended. Not like Singapore Airlines. You can choose the movies you like. Watch it at whatever timing you like. After that, you can choose to watch other movies.
I was left with no choice. There were few channels left. So I watched ‘Just for Laughs’. It was okay.

The toilet queue was quite long. I mean two to four people queue up for a toilet. I mean I know it beforehand that there will be a long queue since it's not my first trip. And the toilet is super small.

Food-wise, I will give it a six out of ten. But my mother finds it salty,  to me it's better than China Eastern Airline whereby the bread was hard as a rock!

The airplane landed in Hongkong, so we were to transfer flight. We waited for a few minutes while Yongs continues to clear his bowel- LOL! We went to find food which wasn't to our appetite.  Perhaps we were just not used to the taste.

On the flight to Incheon, I watched Hairspray. The queue was forever long and food forever the same.Oh how I love SIA!

We reached there about nine in the night, Korea Time which was eight in Singapore. The Korean tour guide met us in the Airport. When we got out, it was freezing especially when the wind blows.

We checked in into the hotel and the Korean tour guide gave as a short briefing on what time we should come down for breakfast and such. After briefing, we put away our luggage and the whole family came down to go for dinner. I can’t tolerate the weather at all. I was hiding behind Fishy (cousin who is of the same age as me). He was rather huge sized. The jacket he was wearing was rather big and thus made him look like a polar bear. So I teased him by calling him POLAR.

I have U-dong for dinner, the rest have fried rice and such. The rice was spicy, as so they say. I am glad I order U-dong. Then we settled for the day. One day in Korea… gone! Well, I wouldn’t call that a day.


Breakfast was buffet as usual. They have kimchi, scrambled eggs, toast and more. I don’t like kimchi so, too bad. I am pretty sick of the food as buffet is always eggs, toast, cereal, eggs toast, cereal, eggs, toast, cereal.


We had a bit of mishap happening around our three youngest family members, namely than my two younger cousins (Both aged 11) plus my brother (6) who spilled their drink.


My second aunt was angry by what her youngest son (DIDI-that’s what we called him) for what he did. He soiled his pants and that’s the only inner garment he got.

We have to wear a total of four clothes.

First the undergarments, then long john ( is that how you call it?) , which is a white t-shirt and pants clothing, the normal clothes then the vest and finally the jacket-that is when we are outdoor.

He got cleaned up and the third aunt wasn’t really angry but wasn’t exactly very pleased with it as well for what HER youngest son (Ah Ming Ge) did as well.

My brother just spilled the drink on the table. THANK GOD! Or else my mother will scream at the top of her lungs. HOHO.

After eating we got our luggage into the bus and because it was morning, the temperature was higher than yesterday night. And when we talked, there’s smoke coming out of our mouth.

 The tour guide gave a short introduction speech and boy was his voice sooo~ calm and soft and very soothing. When he talks, his sound was like a soft silk, slowly caressing our ears and like magic… we fall asleep.


His name is JACK.

Originally he doesn’t have a Christian name but he figured he need one as it will be easier to address him. So there’s this lady, a tour guide working with him who called him Jack. Basically because she thinks he looks like the male lead character JACK in titanic. Hmm , I find Leonardo much better looking.

I scoffed a laugh on purpose so that he could hear.

Then he asked in mandarin: “Don’t I look like him”

Nah… you wish.

Then he continue to say Jack is a common name so people have to say “Titanic Jack then people will know which Jack the person was asking for”. Hmm~

He was a third generation Chinese. The Korean law say that every child should followed their father citizenship even though they are born in Korea. So sadly Jack holds the Republic of China… passport.


If he want to change citizenship , he can do it three way. I forgotten the first one, but the second was to sit for a test which according to him is simple- so why doesn't he sit for it? Last one is to marry a Korea Girl.

Jack proclaims himself as Single. His above 30 and was waiting for his dream girl. That’s why he works for a friend in the tour agency other than helping his friend as his shorthanded.

Normally a tour group would have a photographer. We got ours. His name is George. Younger than Jack… his 24. Quite cute.


So we went to Kyongbok Palace. It was built in 1395 by the first King of Chosun Dynasty but because of the Japanese Invasion. The palace was ruined. Not as nice as it was before. They have to renovate it.

There were about six classes of students there for excursion and they were like staring at us. I felt quite uncomfortable .

The boys were average and there were some cute ones. But they appeared younger so I paid no heed to them. The girls are similarly vain but in the more decent way not like Singapore “ah lian style”.

They put very light make up covering all the flaws on the face. Oh well. Korea… it’s all about appearances.

The palace was okay. Jack told us history that once China Govern Korea but Korea has its own king not emperor. But Fishy and I wondered that… “What’s the diff?”

They cannot use dragon but used another creature. I don’t know what it called. They have phoenix too.

Jack proceeded to explain all details of palace.

We went to have Korean lunch. Delicious! It was exactly the same as what I have in Singapore. The one I showed on blog before.


Everland here we come! It took us about two hours to Yong-in Everland. It’s a theme park actually. We slept through the ride as Jack’s voice is super soothing.

Damn! I should have record it! It will make a perfect lullaby.

We were allowed four rides, one we have used it up for the safari ride. Lions, Tigers were set free and there we sat in the bus circling the safari. There were bears too. One can walk on two feet, stand up and wave! Unfortunately The Liger wasn't  around so we did not manage to see it.

Afterwards,  I went on a ‘SPIN IT’. We sat in the machine and it will spin us to and fro. Then it will spin four continuous 360 degrees turn way up high in the air. Damn cool. Luckily I didn’t vomit and pretty much enjoyed it. I still waved to the camera!

Then we sat this Viking-like ride but it was a dish instead that spin round and round while going higher and higher. Not that exciting as the one before.

After which all the game we went back to have our dinner. Jack took us to a shop where they rent our skids and jacket as we will go skidding tomorrow! Jack heard from the other tour group that today they went up hill and it was snowing. I hope it snowed when we are up there!


Skidding Time! Hooray! @ Yongpyong Resort. Funny name.

I am sure we are going to have a blast! Jack said that we only have to wear long john inside before putting on the jacket. I was dumb struck. Wouldn’t that be cold? He further added that it will get warm as we skid.

Should I believe him?

But in the end I wore a t-shirt. I wouldn’t want to catch a cold. If I do, then my holidays will be a goner!

The skid board, pole and the bloody shoes were damn heavy. I have to carry them with both hands and still struggle with the weight.

And those stupid shoes! Similar to boots but it’s damn difficult to walk with. I can’t even run. The feeling is un-describable. The ice was man-made and today’s ice is a bit hard. Not in a very good condition to skid and  tend to be slippery. So anyway, there’s this kind coach from the resort who tutored us on how to use the skid. It’s damn troublesome. You have to kick away all ice on the shoes before inserting it on the board.

Then if you want to skid down, you have to take off your equipment. Take the up hill then wear them again and skid down. The cycle repeats as it is much faster this way then to wear the equipment and walk up.

What Jack said was true. I was sweating after skidding but because of the weather I was okay.

Only two hours were allowed so I skid as much as I can. After this, we changed into our normal clothes and went up hill. There were classes and classes of students all flooding the mountain top. At the lobby, there’s a cable car for display. Jack told us that it was sat by “Bei yong jun” when he was filming winter sonata. So there’s this group of Japanese tourist who came down for a tour. A group of old aunties were fighting over to sit this cable car. The manager has no choice but to place the car in the lobby.

Sad to say, there’s no one queuing to sit on it when we were there.

Too me, it was lame. Way lame

We rode the cable car to go up hill as it was the only way. A very unfortunate event happened when we just board the car and was half way out. The car stopped. I was freaked out! My mind started to fill with undesirable thoughts, preparing myself for the worst.

Thank god it started to work again and we are on our way. Opps, I guess I over panic.  There were photos of “pai yong jun” and the female lead character everywhere.

I just don’t know why people are crazy about him.

We were out in the open and it was quite a small place. Too bad I didn’t go deeper in. But the scenery is way nice. There’s snow on every tree, on the floor. Jack tried to spice up the atmosphere so he started to have a snow ball fight.

That is a very bad idea. 11 cousins against him…

His bound to lose.

He declare defeat after many of the cousin teamed up. And he say’s not fair.

He went to the café… again because winter sonata was shot there.

We checked out of the hotel and the equipments were returned. The sight outside hotel was beautiful! You can see mountains and mountains far far away. Then it started to snow!

Jack said it isn’t call “Xia xue. But piao xue”

Floating snow.


Okay at least I see “floating snow”.

Night we went to waterpia. It’s a big gigantic pool actually. And there’s spa too! But the only thing is , you HAVE to be NAKED in order to enter the SPA.

My aunts and mother persuaded me to go but


To make things worst, there’s only two changing cubical inside the changing room. And the shower room… has no doors!


It was okay when we were preparing to enter to pool. Only one lady, walking around naked. That’s their custom.

I played on the slides and there’s outdoor swimming pool, connecting to the indoor.

I know it sound crazy… as going swimming when it was about negative degree? I must be insane. At first I thought that too but the swimming is indoor and the water is warm. And everywhere I go, there’s Jacuzzi.

There’s this famous lazy pool connect all the way outdoor. We all jumped in it and as long as we stay inside, we won’t catch a cool. So we swim and travel and the pool lead us to another indoor pool.

Very complicated.

There’s sauna and boy… it’s quite cool sitting inside there. And when you go out…it’s damn refreshing.

After the swim, my sis and I go back to the changing room. And to our horror, there are Korean kindergarden kids- mixture of boys and girls running around naked. Waiting and queuing for their teacher to bath them.


There the boys were looking at their female teacher naked body.

I don’t see the need for porn website anymore where they got these “Fabulous”… *ahem*

Sorry.. I didn’t mean to insult but I AM NOT USED TO THIS!

I can’t blame them as it’s their …. You know… custom..
But…. Arghh.. arghh!

And there are more woman walking naked.. and GOD!

We see those things…


I don’t want to talk anymore. The imagines are running in my head.


So did I bath?

I did! Without stripping.

Don’t ask me how, I just got the way.

Fourth day!

We went to Mt. Sorak National Park. It is quite near.

Jack say it’s an international protected park. We again went up the mountain top. Before that we had a group photo taken!

We were very happy that it started to “float snow” again.

It became heavier and heavier until I could proud say “It’s SNOWING!”

I am sooo happy!

But it started to get heavier and on the mountain top, it’s damn slippery!

But heyhey!

I saw “snowing!!”. In entire 15 years I finally see “snowing”. I am sooo happy!! HAHAHA!!

The cable car was damn big and the whole lot thirty no matter what shape and sizes, can fit in!

*If you notice there's white spots everywhere. That's prove for snowing!*

Jack thought us how to say simple Korean words so that when we buy stuff we can cut the price.
I learnt it and it was quite interesting.

I was a bit angry as at Mt Sorak there's shop selling one keychain at 2,000 won but when we went for lunch, they sold one set.. for 4000 won! Crap!

I can only console myself is that.. they are of different design!

Off we go to NAMI ISLAND.

There’s a history why its called NAMI ISLAND.

Apparently, NAMI general was buried there. I won’t want to waste time telling you the history. Go check it yourself but the funeral… is quite ancient.

I took photos with those bloody tall trees. Fortunately there’s still whole lot of leaves left for us. But there’s other lane of trees which is completely “botak”.

I won’t want to take botak trees.

At night we went to Dongdaemum, where there are shopping complexs and it’s like buggies street but in the mall. The design was sooo cool! But its winter clothes so even if I buy it, I will be sweating profusingly if I wear it in Singapore.

Jack said all these design are drawn by their own university students. They sold their design to the clothes company to earn extra income for their studies.

The clothes were very fresh… unlike in Singapore! A mixture of ah-lian and decent pattern make it very fashionable and decent. Very cool! Next time, if I were to visit Korea, I will make sure it was spring so I can go shopping.

But I will have to strike lottery first. The cheapest clothes sold was 10,000 won and the pattern was quite ordinary. In Singapore it’s $16! And the highest can reach 75,000 wom or 100,000 ++ won !!

So 10,000 is S$16… what is 100,000 won? Expensive?
To them Korean, it is the cheapest mall they can find!

Crap… they have such high standard of living! They are above Japan when listed. And Singaporean still claim Tokyo standard of living is high.. what about seoul when it is higher when listed.


We have ginseng chicken for dinner which is… blend. And we have tried all Korean food. I still like bbq chicken more.


Morning, we went to Presidential Blue House. Boring actually. I don’t even know why tourist like to go there and why we are there. See one big drum and done.


Then we go all stupid specialty shops. Ginseng, conduce, Amethyst. Dad bought Ginseng.
Not that I want to boast but Korean Ginseng is world wide recognized “the best”!

It’s better than China. Chinese Physician all agree.

We cousins stayed in the car minding our own business.

At night it’s Nandaemum shopping for us. The place is much cheaper than Dongdaemum. Except, the clothes again were… winter clothes. I bought earrings which is cheaper than Singapore. One particular ballerina found in minitoons was sold expensive. I bought mine at only $3!


This show Singapore import clothes, earrings from korea/ japan .

We did another insane thing, and that is eating ice-cream. I gotten used to the climate already. The ice-cream here is a die-for so I got mine. It was about 15 cm long. Cool isn’t it?


At night we all went to famous Lottle World. It was filled with couples. No matter where I go, I will see them.. or should I say… there are all couples?

This time I got only three rides. I sat on this machines that will bring us up and down again in a high speed. It’s a tower actually. So we sit on the seats and then it will go up up up and down very fast and up again and down. Fun!

Next, I ride on the gyro space, which is a Viking like game. Like the one in Everland but this one is kinda different.

It was a dish… and we sit on the circumference with feets dangling in the air. The machine will swing from side to side. It swung 180 degrees in high speed. The dish will rotate 360b degrees so everyone gets a turn to be at the top.

The cold wind rustled through my face and when I look down… it’s damn scary. As your in mid air you can see that your almost as high as the building across the lake. My tummy has this weird feeling but I like it.

I used the last one on Viking. It was one of the memorable ride I ever had.

I was a bit “high” that evening. We sat at the last row with my uncle and sis. So when we go up I raised my hands and yelled… that’s what we do in Singapore right?

Too bad here in Korea, they don’t.

Nobody except me , my sis and uncle raised our hands. We are extraordinary. A bit sad.. they don’t feel the fun.

But when it’s other sides’ turn to go up… to my surprise all of them raised their hands and yelled back.


I have such great influence!

Cool man!

My turn to go up again…. My side of people raised their hands and yelled.


Such a young lady like me has such great influence!


*Lotte World"

Jack told us how he hate thriller ride as his very timid and how he hate the park. Full of couples and sometimes they were couple shirt make him sick and jealous. He should be married by now according to his age but he doesn’t look that old to me.

It was the end of the trip in Korea. Suddenly I feel... sooo sad. I gonna miss Jack. He got me enchanted. I don’t feel like going back anymore. I want to stay. My focus was all on Jack out of sudden.

By the way, he smokes. I remembered smelling the scent coming out from him. That’s when I got suspicious but then my suspicion became the truth when I saw him smoking.

A pity such a decent man smoke. I want to stay; I don’t want to go back.

George has all the photos ready. Jack explained that… the job photographer isn’t easy. They take photo and each of them is about 8 bucks. That’s expensive. We don’t have to buy if we don’t want to. Jack continued to say that, their solo income come from these photos. George would still need to pay half the money to the company.

The photos were bundled together as a booklet. Each family have different amount of photos.

So some of us pity him and bought the whole booklet. Then he will shout “tong tong mai xie xie!” very loudly.

I didn’t buy all. We have 12 photos in a booklet but one is not nice so we buy 11. The luckiest family is my third aunt. Her album got 23 photos that means she has to by 115,000 won if she buys all and that’s S$104.

My uncle joked he cannot “Tong Tong Mai” so he removed two… which aroung $90 ++

George was happy beyond words and very touched. His having a flu so the shouting make his throat kind of dry.

Sixth day

We went last minute shopping before departure. There’s Ginseng cigarette for sale and it amazed me…. Ginseng is a tonic, cigarette is toxic, and putting them together is way weird.

They also have ginseng chewing gum!

I didn’t buy... as I think it will be a waste of money. Yuck!

At the airport, we say our farewells. A was still sad but not depressed. I wouldn’t be seeing Jack anymore. No cute George.

Back to homeland... back to where the source of stress coming and next year.. I have 0 levels!

Good for Shawn as his A level is finished as well as my PSLE sis.

I don’t want to leave. I want to enjoy much more.

At least I get to say goodbye to all those morning buffets. HOHO

I miss all those seaweeds and the “pearl rice (direct translation from Chinese)”

I miss all those grilled pork, metal chopstick.

And we can always call for more rice, more meat without paying extra. Singapore… will never have that!

It’s like eat all you can buffet!


And off to hongkong the flight take off. We will be staying there for two days.



Note: I have miss out on some contains as it is based on the memory. I only write this after landing in Singapore so... sorry!

~.~.~.~.~.~.~. ~.~.~.~.~.~.~. ~.~.~.~.~.~.~. ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.

P.s : Edited on 12/03/2012. This blog post is at least five years old. Some parts were edited and others were left to convey the feelings of that time. Meant for leisure reading, should it help you in your planning of itinery, would be great. Otherwise, refrain from using this as a main reference.