Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Day of 2011

Arghh!! Last day of 2011!

I can't believe it! I am at the last day where I am recognised as 19 by the public!
 I am going to be 20!
Oh my gosh! I am old!

Before the year ends. I would like to do a summarised outline of what I have accomplished.

1) I had successfully completed my 2 basic courses in Bunka and had managed to scrapped passed the level test .
2) I have also successfully completed 2 levels of Basic Korean.Currently in level 3.
3) To increase my savings and met a certain target. 

Well that's pretty much what I have achieved. Lols~ That's quite little but you should know that to complete all these language courses require time and effort. So for now, I am kinda glad.

Resolution? Well, I don't know. Most of the time I don't achieve them, or gave up half way due to a lack of motivation. HAHA. So what's the point of me writing them down?

Instead , I will write out my plans and things I will be able to achieve if all goes smoothly.

1) I will be able to pass my grade 7 theory.
2) Meet my next saving target.
3) Be able to proceed to intermediate level and perhaps even complete it.
4) Take Topik level 2.

And here are the things I really hope I can achieve but most likely won't be able to.
1) Self Study Japanese and eventually be able to take JLPT N5.
2) Go Korea next year with school.

I really hope I can achieve all these but leaving all these aside. I am pretty excited to start my first day as a 20 years old girl, and as an adult. It's time to see the world and think in a new perspective even though I don't know what would be brought to me in this new year.

Hopefully this new year would be a great year for all of us where dreams blossomed and goals achieved.

Happy New Year!

Cr: Singapore Local tours

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Still Travel Crazy

Not being able to go overseas this year , I am a bit uncomfortable. I don't feel myself. Or maybe I am just exaggerating or whatever.

So I was a bit bored and started to look back, rereading those blog posts I had blogged before. I dare say that I am really a lazy girl. Firstly , I didn't check my English, mistakes were all over the place. Secondly, I realised that I have quite a nasty mouth. But I guess this is all part of being a teenager.

As Christmas draws near, I realised that the year is almost ending and it is time to welcome my 2nd decade of living in this world. I am having mixed feelings right now as I kinda have difficulty in acknowledging I am old. Well, anything that starts with a 2 and above is old , at least to me .

So looking back I realised I have grown, I am more mature.. well a bit. And I know more about the adult world, not those rated stuffs but how people interacts, how to present yourself and the ways how society works.

It's all still new to me, I am still learning the ropes but I start to look at the world from a new perspective. So this how growing up means huh.

I am enjoying things that I don't in the past and I kinda like that. It's like re-living , gaining a whole new experience , like a baby learning his new world.

And I think perhaps in my thirties or forties I will feel the same way, looking things at a new angle. Don't you think?


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It's the holiday season and I have no place to go. Like one of my friend said, I shouldn't be whining. I mean I have been overseas multiple times and she has not been out of the country, not even Malaysia. So I should be grateful that I am blessed to be able to fly for the past few years. Been said , I guess I am spoilt and should repent but I just feel weird.

The reason why I always look forward to the holidays during the childhood is because I always get to go overseas. Being overseas is not the main point, the point is being able to fly with your whole family, that includes my aunts , uncles and cousins.

Since I am not able to go overseas, I might as well take a walk at the airport and I did. Oh the sight of Singaporeans checking in at the counter just make you green with envious and when you look at the destination they are going, damn~

Oh well, have to work hard so that after I graduate I can get a job and go around the world! Meanwhile I just day dream and make a list of countries I want to go.

Countries I went to:
2004: Australia
2005: Thailand - with school and a week after with family
2006: China
2007: Korea + Hong Kong
2008: Hong Kong , Malaysia
2009: Indonesia (Batam) ,Vietnam
2010: Malaysia
2011: HOME!!!!

In no order:

1) Turkey

2) Japan
3) France
4) Italy
5) United Arab Emirates

6) USA
7) Taiwan
8) Russia
9) Germany
10) Austra
11) Czech Republi
12) United Kingdom
13) Norway
14) Switerland
15) New Zealand
16) Sweden
17) Finland
18) Egypt
19) Holland
20) Canada
21) Myammar
22) Cambodia

That's the list for now. Some of the countries are not listed because I have been there before.

I will just make a wishlist for now, it's not confirmed or maybe it wouldn't be even realised but hopeful, I can do this.

2012 - Korea with Sch ( Jun- Aug)
           Cambodia/ Malaysia ( Year-end)
           Or even stay at home

2013- Fly over to Canada to visit cousin( Jun/ Year end)
          Korea if I didn't in 2012
2014- China Internship
           Korea if I havent
           Canada If I havent

Sunday, December 11, 2011

MAMA Awards


For those you don't know what MAMA stands for, it is Mnet Asian Music Award. Like the name, it is a music award ceremony and this time it was held in SINGAPORE!! A lot of Kpop idols came down including some of the famous actors and actresses. 

 I bought the 2nd cheapest tickets so I was at the upper deck. During the time when I was buying the ticket, the list of confirmed artist coming for MAMA has yet to be confirmed so as a non-risk taker, I chose to buy the cheaper ticket. But at least it wasn't the cheapest ticket okay. So I am not that stingy. 

The list was actually confirmed a few days before the concert so I had been on a long period of anxiety praying for my SUJU to come.

Anyway the artist who came were:

Girls' Generation
Miss A
A Pink
Kim Hyun Joong 
Baek Ji Young
Kang Sora
Some actress from Iris? 

Anyway, I was just really excited that three of my favorite group came, SUJU Miss A and 2NE1. By the way, the artists were actually sitting at my side of the stadium so.. they were like below us. A bit unfortunate as I only see the back view of them when they were sitting down.

 Koda Kumi and some other overseas idol came too.

It was a funny sight because all the Kpop idols turned to fans and were cheering with us. The stadium went high when they first appeared!! Soo coool! I mean even high when the Kpop artists were performing!

The whole concert was great as it was really worth the price although I could have gotten a better ticket but oh well.  Awesome!

Much more exciting was that Suju actually won the most awards during MAMA!! WHEEEE!!!
 Hee hee I'm just glad people recognised their hard work.

Oh well, till then  ~

Monday, December 5, 2011

Little Hideout

 I found something interesting recently. Well, being a language lover and I surf a lot, I somehow stumbled into this forum and they tell me a particular plaza has a lot of language schools. So since I was around the area, I thought I might want to go down and take a look. And so I did.

A strong pang of smell slapped me when I first stepped foot. It was unfamiliar , not the smelly rubbish chute smell but it was something else. Somehow, I don't feel safe and foreign. Never had I felt such way whenever I stepped into a shopping mall no matter how small unless I was overseas. This was the first for me, and it felt exactly when I was in a mall overseas.

I didn't know why and the people around me were all foreigners, strange , for a mall that was situated near the town and the Parliament. So I looked for any signs of language school and as I went up the level, I realised this is getting stranger and stranger for me.

All the signboards are in a foreign language! Then I realised, ALL OF THEM ARE IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE!!

So I finally figured out that this is where lots of Myanmar people hang out. They have supermarket, restaurant law firm (HOH Law firm ) and electronic shops.

Since I couldn't find what I wanted, I left. I don't know if they accept Myanmar currency ( like the Golden Mile Complex- Thai shopping mall) but I think it's kinda cool to have such malls in Singapore. It's like their little hideout.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Anime Festival!


Anime Festival!! DAY 3!

Went to Anime Festival on 13th Nov! I can't say I had a blast there but I got lucky!!
It was held for three days and each day , in the evening they will hold a concert lasting for abt 3 hours?
But I only went for the third day as I am more interesting to see the artist that are going to be showed up on that day.

As you who went there before knew that such festival isn't much really. There will be some stage performance and cosplayers loitering around peacocking their amazing costume but other than that, there isn't much to wow about.

I went there primarily because of Kalafina.

Do you know Kalafina?

That's Kalafina, they are as you can see a three girl groups who sang gothic (alike) songs and anime songs.

According to the schedule, I was supposed to be late for their guest appearance on stage. The appearance supposingly started at 1:35 and ended at 2:15 and having reached at 2:05 I missed it. Why?


I searched high and low for the stage and referenced with the map continiously but I just couldn't find it. In the end.. it turns out that the place I thought to be some Canon recption counter turned out to be the stage.

So when it was 2:15 I already given out hope and stopped searching. Being late and all, I know it was my fault so I don't feel angry at all, but when we came back to the stage at a later time, my cousin found a little autograph booth not far and hanging on the top of the booth was an A4 paper that read:

Kalafina Autograph Session 2:15

God hates me. Apparantly the timing for the autograph session (aka guest appearance) has changed. 

This is maddening!! Even if I do not hold ticket for the autograph session , I could just crowd around the booth and take a photo of Kalafina. GRAWRRR!! 
Can you understand my fustration? 

But I was quite lucky to spot some celebrithies because when I was at the booth, it happens that there was an another autograph session in 5 minutes time so I waited there. 


Kanako Iko and Chiyomaru Shikura.

I was just in front of them ! What a clear view! Unfortunately when they showed up, only one girl screamed. And that's her hair in the photo.

I didn't stay there for long as that manager (most left) seemed fierce so I took couple of photos and left!

Lisa's Autograph at one of the booth's wall!
Girls lining up for Butler Cafe

and of cause those lining up at Maid Cafe.. are all boys!
 I really want to try out the maid cafe and butler cafe. But to enter each person must purchase one set meal and one meal cost almost $20!! Plus, it's not much, totally not worth and the ambience isn't there.

I managed to see two of the butlers, peeking through the small entrance. Well.. they look exactly the same as the photo so I immediately recognised them. You can check them out at

For the maid cafe, there were windows so you can see the maids and the inside of the cafe clearly unlike their partnert, butler cafe.

The backdoor of the maid cafe is strangly opened.

They are side by side.

 We continued to walk around the exhibition and strangly passed by a crowd of people frantically taking photograph. At first I found it strange and told my cousin that most people acted in a way that once a person starting taking photo ,others follow suit, not knowing what they are taking. My cousin just smiled and said: oh so they are really here. And I found it quite strange why he said that so I probed. Then I realised , two of AKB48 ( a japan girl group) is here!!

So people do know what they are snapping. And of course I fished out my iphone and began snapping away. Because of my height and many of the crowds are tall guys, cousin helped me to take this photo for me. He was soo much taller than the other guys.

Thanks! Thanks!

Up close! Sorry for the poor quality. Iphone zooming is very bad.                                                                 The two celebrities were there quite a while, selling and giving the merchandise personally but I can't being surrounded by tall people so I walked away. 

Overall anime festival was alright but I don't think I will come back any sooner. It's really EX ! I should have gone for the concert, where artists like kalafina and may'n will hold later in the evening. I guess it may be more worthy for money plus they give out goodies such as autographs!! Sadly , there wouldn't be anyone who is willing to go with me,

After the anime festival, we just walked around and see some cosplayers. It's nice to see some of them dressed up as your favourite anime characters, but sometimes some cosplayers may not do it properly and spoil your impression of the anime charatcer.