Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Day of 2011

Arghh!! Last day of 2011!

I can't believe it! I am at the last day where I am recognised as 19 by the public!
 I am going to be 20!
Oh my gosh! I am old!

Before the year ends. I would like to do a summarised outline of what I have accomplished.

1) I had successfully completed my 2 basic courses in Bunka and had managed to scrapped passed the level test .
2) I have also successfully completed 2 levels of Basic Korean.Currently in level 3.
3) To increase my savings and met a certain target. 

Well that's pretty much what I have achieved. Lols~ That's quite little but you should know that to complete all these language courses require time and effort. So for now, I am kinda glad.

Resolution? Well, I don't know. Most of the time I don't achieve them, or gave up half way due to a lack of motivation. HAHA. So what's the point of me writing them down?

Instead , I will write out my plans and things I will be able to achieve if all goes smoothly.

1) I will be able to pass my grade 7 theory.
2) Meet my next saving target.
3) Be able to proceed to intermediate level and perhaps even complete it.
4) Take Topik level 2.

And here are the things I really hope I can achieve but most likely won't be able to.
1) Self Study Japanese and eventually be able to take JLPT N5.
2) Go Korea next year with school.

I really hope I can achieve all these but leaving all these aside. I am pretty excited to start my first day as a 20 years old girl, and as an adult. It's time to see the world and think in a new perspective even though I don't know what would be brought to me in this new year.

Hopefully this new year would be a great year for all of us where dreams blossomed and goals achieved.

Happy New Year!

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