Monday, December 5, 2011

Little Hideout

 I found something interesting recently. Well, being a language lover and I surf a lot, I somehow stumbled into this forum and they tell me a particular plaza has a lot of language schools. So since I was around the area, I thought I might want to go down and take a look. And so I did.

A strong pang of smell slapped me when I first stepped foot. It was unfamiliar , not the smelly rubbish chute smell but it was something else. Somehow, I don't feel safe and foreign. Never had I felt such way whenever I stepped into a shopping mall no matter how small unless I was overseas. This was the first for me, and it felt exactly when I was in a mall overseas.

I didn't know why and the people around me were all foreigners, strange , for a mall that was situated near the town and the Parliament. So I looked for any signs of language school and as I went up the level, I realised this is getting stranger and stranger for me.

All the signboards are in a foreign language! Then I realised, ALL OF THEM ARE IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE!!

So I finally figured out that this is where lots of Myanmar people hang out. They have supermarket, restaurant law firm (HOH Law firm ) and electronic shops.

Since I couldn't find what I wanted, I left. I don't know if they accept Myanmar currency ( like the Golden Mile Complex- Thai shopping mall) but I think it's kinda cool to have such malls in Singapore. It's like their little hideout.

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