Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Still Travel Crazy

Not being able to go overseas this year , I am a bit uncomfortable. I don't feel myself. Or maybe I am just exaggerating or whatever.

So I was a bit bored and started to look back, rereading those blog posts I had blogged before. I dare say that I am really a lazy girl. Firstly , I didn't check my English, mistakes were all over the place. Secondly, I realised that I have quite a nasty mouth. But I guess this is all part of being a teenager.

As Christmas draws near, I realised that the year is almost ending and it is time to welcome my 2nd decade of living in this world. I am having mixed feelings right now as I kinda have difficulty in acknowledging I am old. Well, anything that starts with a 2 and above is old , at least to me .

So looking back I realised I have grown, I am more mature.. well a bit. And I know more about the adult world, not those rated stuffs but how people interacts, how to present yourself and the ways how society works.

It's all still new to me, I am still learning the ropes but I start to look at the world from a new perspective. So this how growing up means huh.

I am enjoying things that I don't in the past and I kinda like that. It's like re-living , gaining a whole new experience , like a baby learning his new world.

And I think perhaps in my thirties or forties I will feel the same way, looking things at a new angle. Don't you think?


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