Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It's the holiday season and I have no place to go. Like one of my friend said, I shouldn't be whining. I mean I have been overseas multiple times and she has not been out of the country, not even Malaysia. So I should be grateful that I am blessed to be able to fly for the past few years. Been said , I guess I am spoilt and should repent but I just feel weird.

The reason why I always look forward to the holidays during the childhood is because I always get to go overseas. Being overseas is not the main point, the point is being able to fly with your whole family, that includes my aunts , uncles and cousins.

Since I am not able to go overseas, I might as well take a walk at the airport and I did. Oh the sight of Singaporeans checking in at the counter just make you green with envious and when you look at the destination they are going, damn~

Oh well, have to work hard so that after I graduate I can get a job and go around the world! Meanwhile I just day dream and make a list of countries I want to go.

Countries I went to:
2004: Australia
2005: Thailand - with school and a week after with family
2006: China
2007: Korea + Hong Kong
2008: Hong Kong , Malaysia
2009: Indonesia (Batam) ,Vietnam
2010: Malaysia
2011: HOME!!!!

In no order:

1) Turkey

2) Japan
3) France
4) Italy
5) United Arab Emirates

6) USA
7) Taiwan
8) Russia
9) Germany
10) Austra
11) Czech Republi
12) United Kingdom
13) Norway
14) Switerland
15) New Zealand
16) Sweden
17) Finland
18) Egypt
19) Holland
20) Canada
21) Myammar
22) Cambodia

That's the list for now. Some of the countries are not listed because I have been there before.

I will just make a wishlist for now, it's not confirmed or maybe it wouldn't be even realised but hopeful, I can do this.

2012 - Korea with Sch ( Jun- Aug)
           Cambodia/ Malaysia ( Year-end)
           Or even stay at home

2013- Fly over to Canada to visit cousin( Jun/ Year end)
          Korea if I didn't in 2012
2014- China Internship
           Korea if I havent
           Canada If I havent

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