Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finished Exams

Finished my exams, didn't want to talk much about it. But not only did I finished my exams, I have also finished my last lesson of my Korean Class. Today, if as usual, I would be heading for my Korean class but I'm not! And suddenly, I feel soo empty.

I have been going for Korean Class at the same date for almost 8 consecutive months and suddenly to not go feels completely weird.

As this is the last class, my classmates decided to buy a cake (only a slice though!) and a card where we all wrote our wishes on it- in Korean! To prevent myself from making a mistake and saving teacher the hassle of correcting it,  I have already drafted out my message and post in on to have it corrected.

Even though I have already changed my mistakes, teacher still managed to find ONE small error. Strange though. I got it corrected by a native Korean. Guess even natives made mistakes huh.

Anyway, our Teacher was very happy when she saw the card was filled with Koreans. I guess that's the kind of satisfaction you'll get, like watching your baby walking after many practices.

Our teacher was kind too, she bought as some Korean delicacies from the shopping mall just beside. Honestly, I am not a big fan of Korean food. I have tried them all and the only one that I super like is barbecued pork- (Samgyeopsal)

Taken from somewhere

So I can't say I enjoy the food but I did eat and I found a new love! Kimchi fried rice!
taken from somewhere

I don't like kimchi but kimchi fried rice was okay. She also bought as bibim ramen and beef bibimbap. Each table was two set of meals so we just share it among ourselves.

We don't eat beef so we just eat the rice. It was nice. Hee hee and we took lots of pictures- for keepsake

Sorry if the picture is blur. Can't be help. No matter how hard we all tried to take the photo , it's just blur.

I guess I will really miss teacher, her lessons and the classmates I have made in these wonderful lessons. Since she won't be teaching higher levels, we all have to source for other alternatives to further our studies. I have a pool of resources right now and I didn't know which to choose. I guess have to sort things out quickly before our Korean deteriorates.

So anyone who have good recommendations please leave a comment!