Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chinese New Year

 As you guys know, last Monday was Chinese New Year. So during the Chinese New Year Eve, we will have reunion dinner and like the previous years, my uncle's family will be joining us for dinner. We had steamboat and as you can see. We have a lot of ingredients.

Look yummy right?! These photos were actually taken midway to dinner. So you can imagine we have lots more food than the ones shown here.

And of course we need to buy snacks and some other necessities!

This year's Chinese New Year was quite boring of me. I blame the age.
You just don't feel the excitement anymore.
Everything became very routine.
Thank God I didn't receive a lot of CNY questions which was a good thing. Because I wouldn't know how to reply them.

Nonetheless, I still have a reasonably good time. I did a lot of spring cleaning!
I hope next year I'll have a more of a good time.

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