Tuesday, February 7, 2012


 Job Posting
2 x event assistants / $7 per hour / beauty and skin care products / Marina Bay Sands / Tshirt provided + Black Pants + Black Covered Shoes
Working hours as follow:
26 Feb: 12pm to 5pm (no break)
27 Feb: 10am to 6.30pm (45 min break from 11.15am to 12pm)
28 Feb: 10am to 6.30pm (45min break from 11.15am to 12pm)
29 Feb: 10am to 6.30pm (45 min break from 11.15am to 12pm)
1 Mar: 10am to 1pm (no break)
SMS 8282 3457 (please include full name, age and brief working experience)
 Sometime, I wish I am less of a money slave. How I wish I can just plant a money-growing tree and  rid of of the troubles having to search for jobs or just the pain of deciding whether to accept a job offer whether if it is worth forgoing my leisure time or not. 

So many factors to consider. 

Yet, I can save all the pain by just leaving a desire-free life and continue to leech on my parents' money until I am out to the society. I will then not be able to splurge on delicious looking dresses, take up unnecessary education - such as learning a third language. Neither will I be able to buy ridiculously pricey concert tickets by some K-pop idols. I will have to stop Dreaming  about traveling to exotic places. Or even when I am buying a friend's birthday gift , I have to revert back to the miser I once was. All I have to do is to adopt a carefree and less material minded. 

But I can't! And there's no way I can be! (actually there is)

I want to feel the soft fabric brushing against my skin and the confidence swelling up in me when I think I look good.

I want to yell on top of my lungs for my favorite idol and cheer for him when he performs.
I want to be able to give expensive gifts- gifts that brightens up my friend's face when they open up my gift. (not that my friend's are that of a material mind but sometimes you need cash to let's say dine in a mediocre restaurant just to celebrate birthday. )

Most of all- 
I want to travel to places and see the great diversity of life , culture and the wonders of Earth. 
Must choose SIA. Local brand!
So I need to work just to spend more quality leisure time. What irony, be that what's life is. So what now? 
I will continue to contemplate whether should I accept that job or just slack at home. 

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