Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Garden By The Bay (Bay South)

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed.

It didn't seem soo interesting at all. Maybe because I have high expectations. I mean just look at the artist impression of Garden by the Bay released by the press. They were like a heaven and earth apart.

Source: Channel News Asia

The artist impression photo seems to give out a more jungle-like and futuristic feeling but in the actual place, it doesn't feel like it. More like another Botanic Garden. I know I shouldn't take the artist impression photo for real, it's just an impression. Well, it just ...unconsciously raised my expectations.

I admit the trees do seem amazing and the Garden is just half completed, plus I didn't include the two conservatoires into my examining criteria. So maybe the awesomeness of those two ( I'm assuming it is since I didn't go in), would make it up.

I hope the other part of the Garden would be more awesome. My suggestion is to build some hand on areas where visitors can participate. Don't need it to be something exquisite , but something we all enjoy. Can be really simple.

If you are interested you can access this place by MRT or walk from some near by place.

By MRT :
Take to Bayfront Station.
First you take to Marina Bay station then you switch to the circle line. (Just one station)

By Foot:
If you are living in the Integrated Resorts Hotel, just make your way up to the highest level, there's a link way for you to walk to.
Otherwise , if you are coming from the like say Marina Square, walk through the Helix Bridge. Go into the IR , locate where the convention rooms were, then look for escalators that lead to the highest level. You can walk all the way to the Garden by the Bay.

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