Monday, September 5, 2011

Here in Korean Class

So here I am for my Korean language Class. Honestly, I have already did a write up for this and upload it through my Handphone. Somehow, it doesn't get through. And this is the second time!! Oh well, I guess I have to rewrite it.

So as you can see, this is the door to my school. To be more specific, it is the door to my classroom. I wouldn't actually call this my school since it operates in a room, but nontheless it offers language classes. Werid. Well, actually when my senior asked my where I learn my Korean, I told him Hanok. He later replied "That sad looking place?". Tsk.. It's sad looking okay. Sure it only function in a tiny classroom but I think the teaching isn't compromise. Let me do a little summary and background for you guys.

If I am not wrong, Hanok Korean Class is a newly established school.Unlike other korean schools, my teacher is a local. Therefore, if there is anything that is really hard to understand, my teacher can use Chinese or English to converse with us. And as some words in Korean are quite similar to Chinese, she will then relate to it so that we know. Base on my previous experience, having a local teacher would be much better as previously, I had a native teacher teaching me. And when it becomes difficult, he finds it hard to explain to us so therefore I don't really understand what is going on.

Having a small classroom doesn't mean my learning is being compromise. The teacher is good in a sense that she uses flashcards and interact with us in Korean. Being forced to reply her in Korean and to repeat the vocabs means that the words are being internalise inside me. Every lesson before we are dismissed , we are to have spelling . At first it is just words, but later we are to translate English into Korean, which makes it more fun. Morever, small class means smaller students and that means I have lots of attention.

Best of all, among other language school, Hanok Korean Class offers the BEST offer. As I am still schooling, I am offered the student price.

However, having one room means there is little time slots it can offer. And the class do not have schedule for higher level, well at least none that I know of. Classes are only conducted in weekday evening or weekends. Therefore, with such little timing and only one classroom. It is impossible to offer higher level lessons and furthermore, many of them only took the lessons for fun, they stopped after Basic 1. So at some point of time, I may have to switch. Either they compromise by offering less lesson basic level lessons or stop at a certain level. But most of the time, they would stop at a level as basic level demands are much higher.

So if you guys want the link, here you go!

Till then~

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