Thursday, September 1, 2011

Korean Class Today!!!

I am going to Korean class today!!! Finally!! I didn't do much studying last night so I studied on the bus ride to school today. I managed and get back some important infos and grammar ( am is ) . Hmm. Memorizing grammar rules is never easy for me. At least it's much simple than English. It is also a either you use this word or you the other however , this is quite problematic for me as I still don't know which to use when I am saying it verbally. For written , it is easy so you can see which to use . I will explain in depth when I have the time but to those who learnt Korean , you guys should understand what I said.

Anyway, I am currently on my way to Clement station. I just hope I didn't hop onto the wrong bus, or else it would be a waste of time and money!!! Blog later, need keep an eye on where to alight! Won't want to miss it!

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