Saturday, March 31, 2012

Marine Bay Sands

After the whole Titanic exhibition, we went to the Integrated Resorts to look at the fountain. I don't really know what's the name called but it's something similar to the previous musical fountain back in Sentosa-where water sprouted out of the hose into a huge fan shape and image were projected on the huge fan.

I watched the show twice because the first time I missed the part of the show so we came back at 9:30 to watch the full show.

Since we have like an hour to spare, we went to the hotel to take a look. The whole place were flooded with foreigners! I have never seen so much foreigners in a hotel before. The interior is really nice too, very unique and luxurious! There wasn't much to explore so we went back to the fountain since it's almost time.

The show was quite interesting and I heard from Sandra that the program changes time from time so maybe if I come down in the next two months maybe I can watch a whole new different story.

At the end of the show, there were bubbles released and it was really beautiful. Too bad my photography skills wasn't that good to bring out the beauty.

After the whole show ended, we were finally going home! Except there's this crowd that piqued our interest. Just why were they crowding over the area? So we went over and take a look.

Hello what you guys doing?~

And to our surprise , they were looking at this:

My first impression was -.- , monkey see monkey do. But after joining the crowd myself, it kind of draws in you. Lols! So I stared at it for 5 mins and then we left. We were just sooo tired.

Overall, I had an enjoyable day except I was really worn out.

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