Friday, June 1, 2012

Part Time Work

What am I up to lately?

Well.. straight after my last paper, I went for an interview for a 2 weeks customer service cum admin job in Ubi. It was tiring considering that I have to go for an interview after all that midnight oil burning and the transportation. But I did managed to get that job which makes it all worthwhile. The pay was reasonable and it's pretty accessible. The only bad point was that I have to work on Saturday.

About my job.. Getting phone calls and nasty customers wasn't really nice but the pay was good, the environment was nice so it kinds of offsets the bad experiences. But I didn't want to stay much longer, I don't like answering customers enquires when I don't know much. So after I have fulfill my work period , I was outta there!

After that , I continued to search for new job opportunities. I sent a lot of resumes , a few called back but never was I offered a job. I wasn't even picky! I pretty much sent resumes to whatever I can get my hands on and of course pay must be reasonable. By reasonable I mean it must be reasonable within the job scope. If it's just cashiering, I don't mind being paid $5 but if it requires me to serve customers then $5 won't be enough.

Recently, after much tries, I just landed myself a job. The location isn't very far and I don't need to wake up really early. Pay was mediocre, better than some but pale in comparison to others. But what to do? I have already signed the contract so nothing to whine about.

Amidst all these job hunt, I starts to ponder about certain issues.

1) Money Slave

Sometimes I wonder to myself, why on earth do I want to work so hard to earn money where I have to work for the rest of my life? Given the excuse that I am studying, I could just lie back and leach off my parents. To keep on working just to earn more money kinda makes me a 钱奴 which is money slave directly translated. You get the meaning. But then, if I didn't work how would I get the money for my Korean language lessons? Buy clothes? Or even go for overseas exchange next year?

You may argue that I should be desire free and then maybe I won't need to work that hard. But hey, that depends on how you want your lifestyle to be. I want mine to enriching and that means being able to go overseas and learn my languages. So, I shouldn't be whining about working hard and THAT doesn't make me a money slave. Why? Because I didn't work for the sake of earning MORE money. ( I didn't have money to begin with) I am earning because I need the money to do something I like. The focus isn't on money.

2) Don't Grumble

If you don't want to work then don't grumble.Whadda I mean?
Sometimes people grumble :

"Why do they get to buy branded bags?"
"Why do they get to travel overseas and I don't?"

"Why why why!?"

The answer is: Because they worked.  And they worked hard. I shall illustrate this with a conversation I had with my Music Teacher.

I was grumbling to my teacher about having no money to travel even though there's this great promotion going on.  Then she say that that's because I wasn't working hard enough. I was a bit confused as I think I did worked hard enough. I have already maxed up my working hours!! Then she told me her standard of working hard is pretty high. Okay, I can see where she's coming from. My teacher had a permanent office job and she teaches music during the weekends. So yeah, I guess it's not hard enough.

I told her it's not easy to get a job while I have only a short period of availability and she thinks that probably because I'm picky. I don't consider myself to be since I don't mind the location of job ( okay maybe for Jurong Island or Tuas) . And she says there are many kinds of job I can do, except for prostitution and illegal stuffs. Which means that I should apply for jobs even though I don't like the job scope.


Okay maybe that's a bit too hard.
I mean no matter how desperate I am for money, I shouldn't force myself to do something I don't like. Not to come down too hard on myself. I mean there's some many options right. Just that I place Myself > Money. If I can't do it, why force? Like I have no strength so waitress related job won't be good for me. I may smash or drop the plate.

"Then you don't grumble lah"

Alright. I won't.

3) Money is Never Enough!

The funny thing about human is when you have no money, you tend to save more. But when you are working, you save less. I guess this is reverse reflexology we people have. Because we think now that we are working, we have more money thus there are allowance to spend more. And in the end , we spend more than we ought to.

So to compensate for that loss, we try to earn more. And the cycle continues.

Now that my school timetable is out , I'm trying to squeeze in work in between my schedule. So far not working out but I will try. What to do? I'm desperate for money.

I will blog again on my process but for now I'll stop here.

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