Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fathers' Day

Father's Day.

A day that is more often than not, celebrated less enthusiastically than Mother's Day. Now why do I say so? Just look around and you may realise it too. We have more popular songs dedicated to our Mothers , we have more sales  promotions for Mothers' Day than for Fathers' Day. In addition, as quoted from a famous chef, he said that he received more reservations for Mothers' Day then Fathers'. From all these, it's obvious that the society in general subconsioucly favours Mothers' Day more

Most of us too, thanked and express our gratidute for our Mother more than our Father. Perhaps , because of the fact that generally Mothers sacrificed more for their children. For example, a female divorcee with offsprings may find remarriage hard. Going through pregnancy and labour is a very very tiring process. Or that Mother sacrificing their career to look after their children. All these may be why its generally reoognised that Mothers contributed more and thus are more celebrated than of Fathers' Day.

But nonetheless, we must also recognise the hard work that Fathers put in too!

Mothers have the choice of choosing whether to give up their career and be housewife or just throw their kids in childcare. But if the Father was to give up his job , imagine what the society will think of him? Even though society is more open now, but this kind of sterotyping still exists. 

With this kind of burden, they have to cling on to their job. Take in all grievenaces and anger. They can't just tender their resignation like Mothers do.

Fathers usually pays more expenses than Mothers, if not all. And they usually don't buy stuffs for themselves. Mothers go shopping , buy clothes or dolled themselves up. Fathers just make themselves happy by getting themselves a new phone every once in a blue moon.

During pregnancy and labour, Father suffered equally. Both of the parents shared equal burden. Doesn't mean the one who doesn't go through physical labour isn't suffering. They have satisfy Mothers' sudden cravings, listen to their whines and do some rough chores like carring heavy bags and so on.

I know my points aren't a lot but the first point is valid enough.

Fathers don't express their care and affection as openly as Mothers do. However, we must recognise the efforts that our Father put in. And one way may be expressing how much you love them or getting them like gifts to put a smile on their face.

Most of us will go to some fancy restaurant to celebrate Fathers' Day though in the end Dad's the one who pays the bill ( I seriously don't see the logic ). Some of us give gifts but what really matters is something that express your appreciation.

I just treat my Father to something he likes.

I'm not a full time worker so I do not have the expenses of treating my whole family to a luxurious dinner BUT I bought something that will make my Dad happy. At least a smile.

I treat him to Durian.

Well actually, it's Durian Pancakes but seriously Durians are out of season now and it's a quite popular pancakes. I can't find Durian at nearby places and you can't possibly ask me to carry Durian from afar back home. Durians are not allowed in MRT!

So okay I bought him Durina,his favorite fruit. But that's all it matters isn't it? Making him smile. Instead of asking him to fork out money just to treat us to Fathers' Day dinner. Lols

But anyway, the main point is to recognise what our Fathers have done for us. Remember it, appreciate it and express our gratitude for their caring and loving efforts.

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