Monday, July 9, 2012


Doing several research on internships.

The findings kinda dashes some of my hopes.

I don't know if it sounds stupid or not but pay to do internship abroad?

I don't know,  and it's not just a few bucks but a few thousands not to mention air fare is not included. Might as well go straight to the country and apply for the job directly.

I have also looked at some of the working holiday programs some countries offer. Unfortunately, it is only applicable to some nationalities. I have to do a much in depth research to find out if I'm applicable for it. But if all plans fail , at most I would just travel to several countries and apply job there.

Currently, I am very positive I can go to Canada to do my internship, just a matter of if I am chosen or not.

If I really can't do my internships, well... I can always go for an overseas further studies.

Here's are some I had in mind.

Japan & Korea --> 1/2-1 yrs duration there to do my language studies

UK/Canada/Australia  ----> Get my Masters

New Zealand / Canada ---> Internship.

But dreams are dreams.

Right now I have to work hard to save up for the accommodation that I would incur if I were to go there. No money, no say. So I'm trying my best to secure a part time job.

Wish me luck~

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