Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Got it got it!


Remember how I used to blabber away how job deprived I am? And how I keep search high low for one amidst all the objections and second thoughts?


I just got myself a job and it's a good paying one. Plus, I only need to work once a week! How cool is that?! Some jobs require you to work at least minimum 3 days a week and this complies to retails job too. Plus the paying rate always lingers between $5-6/ hr with some exceptions. You need to think about the job scope , environment and the location. All in all, I hit jackpot!

I'm not going to reveal what and where I'm working at. It's just somewhere near and I work only on Saturdays so the rest of my time I can study at home and finished up my project.

The bad thing is I can't clock in more timing as and when I like as my schedule is fixed so my salary is really low. Oh well..! That's pretty good for once a week thing.

Until my work is stabilised and I got comfortable with it, I may tell you where I worked at . But for now, my fingers are crossed.

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