Sunday, April 15, 2012


At this moment when you are reading this, Titanic would have sunk hundred years ago, this day in the couple of minutes right in the Atlantic Ocean.

Titanic now lies on the seabed, in the eternal darkness and has not seen the sun since she last sunk. Though, fondly remembered by its romanticised movie, we should all not just focus on its drama but also what we could learn from her and stories of victims who have survived through her very last moments.

At this very moment, I would like to pay respect to the thousands of gentlemen and crew members of their courageous and admirable action of sacrificing their space on the very few lifeboats for the women and children. for they could have all teamed up against the crew members and boarded the lifeboats.

To Mrs. Straus, who gave up her chance of survival to join her husband and claimed that  she will go wherever her husband go-"We have lived together for many years. Where you go, I go", showed how great and wonderful to love and be loved is. 
Now as you read, the screams and cries have started to soften down. The Titanic was just hovering above the surface of the sea.

Unnoticeable doesn't mean his actions were not noble. To those guys in the small box frantically sending SOS signals, stationed at your position till the very end, I salute you. (Read more here :

Assistant Radio Operator
Harold Sidney Bride
First Radio Operator
John George Phillips

(Note: After the power shortage, Bride and Phillips left the wireless room after that message, after being urged to leave their post by Captain Smith. They made their way to the Boat-Deck and began trying to help the other men in the releasing of collapsible Lifeboat B. While neither of them immediately made it onto a lifeboat, both were rescued from the sea. Bride's feet were so severely frozen he could not walk. Phillips died of hypothermia on or near Collapsible lifeboat B, his body was never recovered.)

 To the "band  that plays on", as music lovers,  no words can describe how I feel but I have learn much. The last song that they played were "Nearer, My God, to Thee".

The story of Titanic taught us how easily our arrogance and over-confidence easily can bring us down. No matter how great we are, we should always keep in mind the we should never let our arrogance and pride control us.

Lastly, to the Captain of the Ship, who had planned to retire after the voyage. I bid you peace. 

Even though, the last survivors of Titanic has passed away peacefully, which made the passengers of Titanic all "gone", you will all always remain in our memories and heart. 

And finally, to all of those passengers who have unfortunately died in the sinking, whether I have mention or not, may you all attain eternal peace. 

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God Bless. 
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