Sunday, May 29, 2011

Products I used

I figured that everyone might have some questions regarding which products they should use to cure their so-and-so problems at some point of the time, so I come up with some recommendations that might help you.

Don't worry. This is not a commercial driven entry so I will only tell the truth.
Today, I will discuss about dark circles and puffiness as I see many people suffering from this as well as I. How it happened, is a long story. So I am going to introduce which products I used that I think worked on me.

Step 1:

Always find out what causes dark circles.
It could be due to:

a )Lack of sleep
b) Hereditary
c) Having thin skin, so whenever there's a bruising of blood vessel, that's where the dark circles form.
d) Iron Deficiency Anemia
e) Allergies, mainly those that causes nasal congestion.

Step 2: Identify your problem.

For me, I always have late night sleep, I also have sinuses and I sleep late at night. So all these make my dark circles hard to rid off and really prominent.

Once you know what causes the problem. Find the right treatment. Sleeping more doesn't really help. You need to apply the right type of lotion to help catalyze the removal of dark circles.

For a) and c), it is much easier, so all you have to do is to find the right products to use.

So firstly, I used Galenic Messager , it looks like this.

I used it for a few months. It somehow worked where I was at home for a week. I kept applying this lotion to my dark circles, and try to sleep as much as I can. I took afternoon naps, I sleep at 9:30pm . Within one week, my dark circles diminishes a lot. Even my friends agreed with me. But after that week, I only apply it at night and I continued to sleep at 10: 30. My dark circles didn't really go down after that. But it's worth the try.

You can buy it at guardian. Probably have to ask the staffs as they don't usually put them at the display shelves. It cost around $50. Caution: It might sting a little.

I am currently using another product. I wouldn't introduce use them to you now as I don't know whether is it really effective. It cost around a hundred, so for those who are a little tight in their purse. Maybe you should try Galenic.


Just some suggestions. Because I have experiment on several products, I can give you my honest feedback about them. But take it with a pinch of salt. It might work for you it might not work for someone else.

Firstly, I wouldn't exactly recommend Ginvera Jade Dark Eye Circles. I have MANY friends who used this, all of us have the same opinion : " Not going to buy it anymore." If it works for you, then go ahead. But I would rather buy an expensive product that works rather than buying something cheap but.. gives you no results. Just to let you see, it looks like this. To be fair, I gave this product a second chance, which means I bought it again even though the first one didn't work. They repackage the whole thing, and it looks like they improve it on something, so I decided to give a go. Still... *ahem*.

So that's all I can share for now. I bought new products, including the one I mentioned. If I have more things to share I will.

Till then , Ciao~

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