Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Things I have to take note

OMG I didn't realise I didnt update for a month! I planned on updating once I got my new laptop so I can type in Japanese or Korean. Well, since I am not getting my laptop in this few months I will just post in English then. Anyway, I just wanna take note of the products that I have used .

O2 Skin: Body Lotion ( Lavender )

Really Fab! Initially I thought it was pretty much like any other normal body lotion until one day my soles starts to peel. My skin starts to peel. So at night, when I was about to go to sleep, I will apply this lotion in those areas. Within a week, my soles are smooth. Recommendable.

Loreal: White Perfect, whitening Toner.

It seems to work in the first two days. Applied it after a facial wash at night. The next morning my skins are smooth looking. But when applying , the lotion makes your face really sticky . Don't see the same effect I had in the first two days that I applied anymore. So not recommendable.

I am still trying out other products. Hopefully I manage to find one that suits me.

So the search continues..

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