Saturday, May 28, 2011

Japanese Class

Japanese Class was great ! Better than the Elementary 1 , mainly because the students are more spontaneous and well .. a bit of mischievous whereas for the teacher..he was very.. mean. He kept bombarding us with not just one but several questions at one go. But I make new friends, which is good. Anyway, the view at Orchard road is very different! Especially the building beside Delfi Orchard. I was walked past in, I can glance through the glass panel that the bar was really packed! For those who don't know, that building is famous for prostitution. Just to give you a brief idea on how it looked like, it's a pretty old building.. not very classy and has a naughty G signboard on the outside. If you go in, you can see salons or massage parlors at level 2. At the entrance of each salons you will see ladies dressed in revealing clothes and thick makeup. So anyway, Orchard was buzzing with life, it's really different from the daylight world.

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