Thursday, May 26, 2011


Bought 4D for the first time in my life. Since it was my first time, I figured that perhaps I should buy the digits that I am familiar with. As I was born in June 29th, I bought 2906. And guessed what? The digits DID appear but because I didn't know what Ibet is and what is the difference between big and small ( for those who know), I didn't win any money. T.T OMG! I am super sad!! Even thought I may only win $2-3 , but I can still recoup back my losses! This is sooo frustrating!


Anyway, putting that aside, I wanted to join back the blogging community again so I start a new blog. I really want to change the skin of this blog but somehow Blogger wouldn't let me. So.. forget it. I mean.. this design looks pretty decent. So .. I should stick with this then.

Tomorrow night would be the starting of my japanese elementary 2 lesson! I'm very excited , looking forward to mastering my japanese. Except that I wish Sensei wouldn't purposely ask any difficult questions. I haven't been revising so.. I guess I can't answer. XP


Shall try to recap this evening . Cram all the topics into my brain.

Till then ~ Sayonara ~

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