Friday, November 11, 2011

Pepero day!!

Sorry for being on hiatus for sooo long~

Anyway, Today is Pepero day (빼빼로) !!

What is pepero???

Pepero is a sticklike biscuit. It is coated with syrup with favours like strawberry or chocolate.


Pepero day is named after Pepero itself as the 4 '1's resembles much like the 4 peperos. On this date, people celebrate, much like valentine, exchanging or giving pepero to their friends. Rumour has it that Lotte ( a big company which also sells pepero) created the holiday but Lotte denied it stating that it was just a coincidence that there was a bump on the pepero sales figure on this particular date. And then, they just start to grasp this promotion oppoturnity and advertise pepero using several promotion tools. Therefore, Pepero Day is born! There are many other versions of Pepero origins, you can look them up on other websites as I am not going to explain everyone of them.

Honestly, looking at those Pepero does make your mouth watery doesn't it?

So what have I been doing??


Well, straight after exams, I went for work! Crazy isn't it? But since the bargain wasn't too bad, and I deseperately needed money so I just went ahead. Anyway, I just need to work for two weeks plus its an admin job so it wasn't too bad. I am hoping that these two weeks pay will manage to cover up some of my expenses that I will be spending.

2) I will be going for MAMA awards!

HAHAHAHA! For those who know what MAMA awards is, envious don't you?? For those of you who don't know what it is,  it's Mnet Asia Music Awards and they are hosting in Singapore Indoor Stadium. It is a music award ceremony and this year , they are holding in Singapore. There will be lots of Kpop Artist flying over to attend this award ceremony. So if you got the tickets, you can go and see them walking on the red carpet and live performance. Isn't it cool? You get to see all the Kpop artist at a price of ONE! HAHAH Although , we still do not have official list of who is coming. I bought the tickets right on the first day of sales! But since I do not have the confirmed list, I bought the cheaper category so I might not be able to see the idols up closely but I guess it should be good enough. Anyway, I got a from a super reliable source, as reliable as MAMA itself that Super Junior is coming! HAHA! THANK GOD!

So for those of you who didn't manage to go, I will post updates on the show!! HEHEE

Since I had promised to update on some of the events stated in the previous post, I will update those post but.. on a later date. It's pretty late now and I have to get my beauty sleep. Till next time~

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