Saturday, November 12, 2011



Okay, so I admit I did some slacking but I have a very valid reason to do so.
On 30th October, I was invited by a good friend of mine to go to her house for deepavali celebration. The real celebration was actually on the 19th but my friend's family usually had another gathering to celebrate with their friends. So that's when I got invited .

I was hesitating when I first got the invitation but since her house is like a few blocks away from mine plus the event is at night , I decided to go anyway, besides, I got to see my other friends too, secondary and college classmates.

Deepavali, if you do not know , is an Indian festival. It means festival of light, marking the day of the new year. Which is like similar to Chinese New Year and Christmas. Families gathered and they played games while enjoying each other's company. I wouldn't go into specific details but being lived in a multi-racial country, I know just enough information about this festival.

I wanted to turn up in gaghra cholis ( saris or the salwar kameez), a traditional Indian costume as my sister has one but I figured it weird to be the only one among my other friends who wore it. Besides, this Indian friend of mine is quite modern and westernised. They may not even wear it. So afraid of being embarrassed, I just wore my usual clothes.

My friend's home was bursting out of liveliness! Since my friend had 3 more sister ( one in Australia), two of  them invited their friends over. So when you have relatives + friends + family , you got a whole lot of excitement! My friend's home isn't really big so we just make ourselves comfortable by finding a small spot to sit and chit chat.

Not to forget delicious Indian food while chatting!

Oh, if it looks gross to you I am sorry. I didn't managed to take a photo of the trays of food so I just grabbed whatever I can and just a photo of it. So yeah, sorry.

But don't let the food mislead you. It was really spicy and nice. Even though I kept refilling water, my stomach was growling for more and I just kept on eating even though it's hot! Friend's mom and sister were such great cooks! Thank you!!

After some of the visitors left, my clique went to friend's room to do more talking until it was almost 11pm. We then finally leave.

Overall, it was such great fun! It's nice to experience events not of your own and this bridges understanding about other cultures. So if theres any Indian friend of yours who invited you to go for Deepavali, you should go.

Maybe for next year's I will bug all my Indian friend to let me join in the celebration, especially those foods. YUM!

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