Thursday, January 1, 2015


Writing resolutions is a difficult task.

Usually I won't bother writing one as I don't see the point of it since I always throw them at the back of my head when I am done writing. But ever since I drew up one for 2014, I realised that I actually set myself to fulfill these targets.

I guess my increase in maturity played a part as well as me taking life more seriously than ever. At my age, I realised time is slipping away and any time waste is an opportunity cost. Therefore, I should lay down some targets and push myself in completing them.

Some of them are meant to be challenging, but that's the point right? If you don't set high targets you probably won't be able to break boundaries. They should be renamed "to do" instead of resolutions.

So here they are:

1. Find my MoMo!
2. Complete my Diploma in Performance
3. Start my first investment.
4. Get my business going
5. Self-Study Korean and finish Book 2- 4
6. Go for topik 3
7. Go overseas twice!
8. Increase my salary! ^^ (now I wonder how do I make this work)
9. Learn cantonese and being able to speak it

That's it for now, I can't really think of any more but this will be revised. Not that I will be removing them, but instead adding more in.

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