Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Disney- FROZEN movie review

Absolutely WORTH IT!

I love animation films but not exactly full supportive of them. This one is worth the go. Though I think the number of songs in the film can be reduced. It's like they have this full list of composed songs and somehow wanted to squeeze all of them into the movie to prevent them from being wasted. The film then becomes well..... I think overly decorated. Sometimes I felt like I was watching Les Miserables Movie. All songs no speech. Which is kind of irritating.

I know songs have always been a really important part of animated movies especially to Disney since many of them helps to convey important messages even though its good storyboard has already did a good job at it.

But overall it's still not a bad story. It still contains several Disney elements like how they embrace and showcase different cultures and ethnicity. This one in particular, I think is Norwegian.

My advice for those who haven't watch it to go and have a look. It cause about $7 for a movie ticket, that's not really expensive isn't it.

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